Axelle Despiegelaere Gets the Axe for Hunting Photos

Things sure move fast in the modeling world.  Just ask Axelle Despiegelaere, the gorgeous Belgium football fan who was canned days following her new gig.

Despiegelaere nabbed the attention of L’Oreal advertsing execs after a brief stint in the World Cup. Cameras capturing the game panned to the 17-year-old blonde beauty throughout the match — and with good reason. This girl has the look of a young Cindy Crawford.

Unfortunately, unlike Cindy, Axelle had a drastically different hobby that drummed up a lot of unnecessary controversy for the beauty company: hunting. This Instagram photo depicting Despiegelaere championing over a slain animal in Africa started making the rounds online in a hurry. Yikes.

Axelle was slated to star in a social media campaign for L’Oreal, including a tutorial on how to do your hair. L’Oreal has been keen to side with animal activists, spelling big trouble for Despiegelaere’s newfound modeling aspirations.

Turns out that Axelle is not the only fresh faced teen getting her hands dirty in the hunting game — only weeks before the L’Oreal controversy, young Kendall Jones became a viral sensation although the public reaction was more visceral. Reports indicate that a fan page called, “Kill Kendall Jones” was taken down in recent days. Hmm.


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