Why Windows is Still the Best PC Operating System

Most computers around the world operate using Microsoft’s Windows operating systems. Windows operating system is rated the best. This is statistically based on the number of users or market share. The OS is loved by many users because it is user-friendly and it supports many computer software. These are the very same things that made it the preferred Canadian gambling online platform when they first came online. Here are the factors that make Windows OS superior.

  • User-friendly

All Windows OS versions are user-friendly. Users don’t have to be technical to operate the PC that runs on Windows. All the basic functions can be performed easily. Microsoft office tools, Word, Excel, PowerPoint offers what users want and are not complicated compared to office tools offered by other operating systems.

  • Easy to install

You can install the operating system on your own without any technical person to assist you. It gives understandable instructions step by step during the installation process.

  • Great applications

Applications are an important part of our lives and Windows offers some of the great apps in every category. Latest Windows PC allows users to install apps from its app store.

  • Windows OS is fast

Computer speed is everything and when buying an operating system, it is one of the main aspects to be considered even when you want to play casino games at sites such as casino za. The Window OS speed is incredible, however, it depends also on the hardware of the PC.

  • Window offers best creators

Windows is for people who produce, create and work. It offers tools to its users that allow them to perform these tasks. For instance, Windows creators keep on getting better and better. Creators are being updated regularly. One good example is New Storyline remix.  This feature aims at mix photos and videos and also allows users to create 3D animations and captioning effects. The app automatically creates edited photos and videos. Windows Ink will enable you to draw or write on the photo or video.

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