Find Mirrors for Your Bedroom Today

Mirrors in the bedroom add flair to the space, but they are not just decorative accents. Placing mirrors in the right place will give the illusion of more space in the bedroom, reflect more light, and provide a functional space for grooming and dressing. Most people keep two mirrors in the bedroom, a small one to make sure their faces are presentable before leaving home, and a full-length mirror to check out their outfits. 

If you have a small space, mirrors will open up the room and make it feel brighter. They also support the overall mood and color palette of the room. When stuck with only two small mirrors, position them at eye level or slightly higher. Space them apart evenly, and you’ll have a small decorative collage. If you only have space for one mirror, make sure it’s a full-size mirror that can help you meet all of your personal preparation needs. 

If you’re not looking to make our bedroom feel bigger and brighter, use the mirrors to spruce up the space. Try doing something unconventional, like hanging one on the wall that your headboard would normally occupy. It adds interest and depth to the room.

Are you looking for something to fill the space above your nightstands? Two small mirrors above each bedside table will get the job done and provide a space for you to do your make-up or put on jewelry. 

Small mirrors for bedrooms are great for lighting dark corners. Dark corners cause a room to feel smaller. Placing small mirrors in these spaces will allow light to reflect their surface and travel around the room. 

Stand-alone mirrors create a focal point wherever you need one. They will ground the space and add a bit of character to your bedroom. 

Instead of filling a wall with art, add some function by using several small mirrors to take up the space. Experiment with different sizes and keep them together, or space them apart and create your art. Be sure not to use too many mirrors as you don’t want the space to feel cluttered. 

In small bedrooms, place mirrors on walls directly opposite of one another. Large mirrors are perfect for making the room appear bigger. You can also place a huge mirror opposite the doorway to reflect the outside hallway. That is another trick that makes the bedroom feel bigger, as well as placing mirrors on wardrobe or closet doors. 

Add more light to the room by positioning a mirror opposite a window. Place another mirror on the wall opposite the first mirror, and you’ll have even more sunlight illuminating the space. Play around with different angles to find the perfect solution for your room.

Placing a mirror right next to a window is another way to bring more natural light into the room. The outside area will look bigger with a large mirror and increase the illusion. Mirrors make your room feel bigger while adding function to the space.