A Luxury Trip to Spain: 5 Ideas to Impress Your Girlfriend While Traveling

Are you planning a surprise for your girlfriend and running out of ideas? How about a luxury trip to Spain? Surely, she would literally jump in ecstasy once you hand her your reservation tickets. She will be so impressed even if you haven’t yet started your trip together. To seal the deal, here are five ways to impress your girl while traveling in the once-most powerful country in the world.

Drive Around in a Luxury Car

nice bmw

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Don’t say anything to your girlfriend of what’s up ahead. Just say you rented a car to drive around for your trip. You can contact a luxury car hire in Spain like Primerentcar.com for the ideal car model you want and they will handle all the details and deliver it to the nearest delivery point where you can pick it up conveniently. There are different car brands to choose from. This is a nice way to literally make your girl gape in astonishment as you open the door of a hot, sexy car for her! You will score a perfect 10 without doubt!

A Picnic in the Parc della Ciutadella

 Parc de la Ciutadella

Courtesy of tripadvisor.com

This is an ideal place where you can have some relaxing, romantic time after strolling around the city. You can organize with your hotel a nice picnic basket that contains Spanish delights. Rent a boat and row your lady around the small but beautiful lake. You can also while away the day enjoying the gardens or discovering the 7, 000 species of animals kept in the Zoo della Barcelona where you can amuse yourselves with a delightful dolphin show. If that’s not enough, you can drop by the Museu d’Art Modern for a tour of the first-class collection of modern art in the 20th to the 21st century.

Go Sailing

sailing in Spain

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There are many companies that rent sailboats to tourists who enjoy sailing and smelling fresh, salty sea air. You can choose to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride with a skipper in control of the boat. Just tell your girlfriend to bring along her swimming attire and surprise her with your idea of fun – swimming alongside dolphins, tweaking the sails, throwing a line in the hopes of catching some fish, or just lolling to the sound of the waves crashing against the hull. Bring your sun cream!

Go Stargazing under Spain’s Summer Night Skies


Courtesy of ongoldroad.com

What else can be more romantic than just you and your girl under the stars? In August, Spain has literally cloudless skies, making it perfect to catch the Perseid shower. You can make a competition of who sees more falling stars. Don’t forget to make a wish. Bring along a picnic of tapas and wine plus some heavenly desert to make the ambiance more romantic.

Join the Tomato Fight

tomato fight

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This is not a usual thing that couples do – to plummet each other with red, juicy, overly-ripe tomatoes! Yet, you can culminate your trip to Spain with this unusual but fun activity. Go to La Tomatina and enjoy hitting each other with tomatoes. It can be such a romantic adventure that you and your girlfriend will forever cherish, despite getting hit with rotten fruit!

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