Tips for Renovating an Old House

Bringing an old house back to life and pulling it out from the dust and ashes is a noble act in the world of architecture and construction. Of course, it does not happen magically or even easily. It requires time, effort, commitment and money. If you are considering renovating an old house and do not know where to start, here we have some tips you need to put on your checklist:


According to professional general contractors at “a successful renovation starts with planning”. So begin planning, look around the old house, decide what can be kept and what needs to be removed, plan for each section of the house and how you want it to end up, set out a schedule for the process and most importantly create a budget with a limit. House renovations are not cheap and it is easy to lose track of your spendings, so try to stay on your budget. Also, get a professional to assess the condition of the house because old homes that have been left empty for a while deteriorate. It is better to know the exact condition of the house early so you can predict how long it is going to take to renovate it and how costly might be its maintenance.

Sash windows are also important defining features of Victorian architecture, so they’re a great element to consider when you’re trying to emulate the look of a Victorian-era home. As their name suggests, sash windows comprise sash frames that can be slid vertically or horizontally. These frames are made up of individual panels of glass called lights, which are held together in a grid by a series of horizontal and vertical bars. All this is important to know if you plan on installing this in your home to you’re figuring out how to make an estimate for construction around your new home .


It is a crucial step of the renovation process to research every aspect of the project starting with paperwork and ending with comparing prices of home appliances. Research building materials best for renovations, the best architect for your project and your options between available contractors. Do your research thoroughly and know your options before you start the renovations. This will give you a clearer look of what to expect as the process goes on.

Repairing and recycling

Along the way, you are going to find parts of the house that only require some repairing touches. Take advantage of them and save your money. However, they need to be a part of your plan. Do not waste your time repairing things or features you do not like, like repairing wood flooring in the kitchen when you wanted tiles. Know when to save and when to splurge, it is a tricky balance that you will learn with experience. Plus, if the house has any items that are worth saving, you can upcycle them to your liking, sell them or donate them.

Safety and security

Construction sites are not the safest places to be at as they are full of potential hazards. Ensure the safety of the workers and avoid any accidents or lawsuits. Make sure that all workers are well trained, aware of the risks and have full protective gear. Another important matter is security. Houses undergoing renovations are prone to theft or vandalism. Protect your investment and secure it. Put locks on doors and windows even if you plan to replace them. Make sure not to remove them until it is time to install the new ones. Install security cameras if possible because even if the house has no furniture, it might have very expensive equipment or building materials.

Legal aspect

Some countries have renovation restrictions on old houses, like the UK where it is illegal to renovate most houses built in the 19th century without authorization. Check if there are such restrictions in your area. Also, make sure that every step you take is legal. The building license and documents should be legalized and up to date. Consult a legal advisor specialized to figure out the laws and regulations in your country and to avoid any potential fines or lawsuits.


Take your time and enjoy the progress. Renovating an old house is very rewarding. The sense of achievement you will get once you finish is indescribable, so savor it. Do not stress too much about the best shade for paint color or the right tile pattern. Take it one step at a time and have fun. And once it is complete, call a house cleaning service to tidy up!

Good luck!

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