Where to play and how to win in Microgaming’s Vegas-like slots?

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Our article that you are starting to read is devoted to an interesting question: how to win at Microgaming’s Vegas-like slots? After all, every player who wants to get big victories will persistently look for information that will become a trump card in his hands. However this article is only a tip of an iceberg, if you want to learn everything about Vegas-like online slots – we recommend to visit Bgaoc website – https://bgaoc.com/theme/vegas-slots!

Free Vegas slots online

Learn to play slot machines with our handy little guide

Slots – this term unites all types of slot machines, starting with fruit machines and ending with 3D machines. In simple words, this is a game with spinning wheels and paylines.

Scatter – a symbol in slots used to activate a function, bonus or a free game. A player usually needs at least 3 scatters to get this feature to work.

Wild – a wild symbol replaces all other symbols except scatter and bonus symbols. These symbols can help you build paylines in games like Dead or Alive.

Random Feature – This is a feature happens randomly. You can get acquainted with something completely different from the usual base game and even “unlock” new minigames. A well-known random feature is the Wild Desire in the Immortal Romance slot.

A similar feature can be found in the Terminator 2 ™ online slot, where the T-800 selects symbols from the reels for additional wins.


Return to Player (RTP) is a term used by a gambling platform to indicate the ratio of money spent by the player on slot machine which will be “returned” to players with time. Here is a small example, if you place bets of $100 at online slot game where RTP is 90%, you can expect to get guaranteed $90 in winnings back. Of course, RTP is usually calculated in the long run. During the game, anything can happen, because in the end it is a gamble. Always use the system of bankroll management.

Always keep an eye on your bankroll

When playing Microgaming games you can forget about your bankroll in a second. Since it”s gambling you will lose some money at first. So always keep an eye on your bankroll and manage the turnover of funds, this plays a huge role in a long run.

Note to players:

If you want to win at Microgaming slots without selling a house, you need to learn the following fact. The following program is embedded in Microgaming slot machines: you will win back most of your losses with each new cycle, but the length of this cycle will also increase. In other words, in order to stay at the declared return percentage (RTP), you need to constantly increase the amount of your deposits, or raise bet rates. Otherwise, at the top point you simply run out of money and you will lose a huge “jackpot” in amount of 200%+ of the money you’ve previously lost.

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