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10 TV Stand Design Ideas

If you are looking for some unusual plasma TV stand designs and ideas, there are several themes you might appreciate. Surely, much will depend on your interior and existing furniture arrangements, which often play a limiting part in choosing a perfect furniture piece for your TV unit. However, even with most of your decorations finished,… Read more »

January 13, 2015

Mustangs Through the Years

From the classic 1960s look to the bold new features of the new mustang for 2015, Ford continues to refine what it means to be cool. From James Bond in Goldfinger to Ryan Gosling‘s Mustang in Drive; Hollywood has been on the pulse of these hot rides since day one. This is the first Mustang… Read more »

January 12, 2015

Moving To a Regional Area? 3 Career Paths to Consider

Making the decision to settle outside of a major metropolitan area is usually associated with lifestyle benefits or being closer to family. There’s something wonderful about not having to battle it out on a freeway or overcrowded bus to get to work. Many regional workers also love the lower cost of living and spending weekends… Read more »

December 16, 2014

At What Moment do you Really Become a Man?

As a child, becoming a man seems to be a pretty simple endeavor. All you need to do is wait until you’re 18 and voila! Congratulations you’ve become a man! It’s not until you reach this age however that you start to think, “Hmm, can I really call myself a fully grown man?” It’s an… Read more »

November 14, 2014