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Under the Skin of English Working Class Culture

English working class culture is something which takes a dry and humorous view at its self in a way that the rest of the world often doesn’t understand. And it’s a shame that some of the best and most fun aspects of British working class life are dying out along with the traditional trades that… Read more »

September 3, 2014

Natural vs Augmented Breasts

Ah, that age old debate: do men prefer natural or enhanced breasts? While it’s hard to argue against a woman’s God given assets, it is entirely common to see men ogle women with augmented breasts in public. There is perhaps little denying that cosmetically enhanced breasts seem to appeal to a man’s better instincts. Speaking… Read more »

A Crowdfunded Culture II: Amatuers

Alright, time for rant #2 on the crowdfunding epidemic. Last article I touched on the celebrity kickstarter, this time I’m attacking those starving artists. I have an issue with (some) smaller campaigns by filmmakers, artists, and musicians. Art is about sacrifice.  That  isn’t supposed to be some deep philosophical statement, art is literally about sacrifice.  Artists’… Read more »

A Crowdfunded Culture: Celebrities

When Kickstarter was founded in 2009, it was built on the concept that small-time artists and inventors don’t receive the attention from big investors to make their projects come to life. The idea was to bring these creators into the coliseum of public opinion and let the people decide. While the idea is well meaning… Read more »

Masters of Beards Competition

While all beards are beautiful, not all beards are created equal. You alone tout the type of facial hair that inspires greatness in your fellow man – a beard so glorious that Grizzly Adams himself would proudly tip his cap to you. Yes, that facial fern of yours demands to be shared with the world,… Read more »

The Stag-Hen Dos Perception Misconception

There you are, days out from sharing weddings vows with the person you’ve promised to spend the rest of your life with. The traditional stag and hen do is a rite of passage for those about to take the plunge into married life. One interesting question, though – what exactly does your spouse-to-be actually think… Read more »

The Least Manly Things, Ever

There you are sitting in a dimly lit restaurant with the beautiful woman whom you finally worked up the nerve to ask out on a date. You were initially surprised she responded with that merciful, ‘yes’, but upon delivery your confidence really started to soar. Perhaps that’s why you had no problem ordering the spiciest… Read more »