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Even Celebs are Using the Selfie Stick

Selfies have taken the Internet by storm. But there is an easier way for you to take that selfie. It seems like everyone and their mom now owns the selfie stick. A long list of A-list celebrities even own the selfie stick and they aren’t afraid to show it. What exactly is the selfie stick?… Read more »

How Smartphones Can Shake Up the 2016 Elections

Historically, young people have been less interested in politics than their older counterparts. However, smartphones could shake up the elections in 2016 as social media companies find ways for young people to get involved with the presidential candidates. Take a look at how these politicians use smartphone apps during their campaigns and how that trend… Read more »

How Can You Keep Up with Changes in SEO?

Search engine optimization is always growing and developing, which can be difficult for those who are running and maintaining their own websites. This article offers suggestions on how to keep up with this ever-changing world of technology and digital development. How much do you think you know about SEO? No matter how experienced you are… Read more »

June 2, 2015