10 ways to pick lottery numbers

When it comes to playing the lottery, there’s no perfect way of choosing winning numbers. However, there are as many ways of picking lottery numbers as the chances of winning.  

Many lottery players have strategies that they stick with, others do not, and are flexible to change it up at every entry. You never know, you might be the lucky one. Here are ten guidelines to help you on how to choose lottery numbers

1. Pick the most Commonly Drawn Numbers

This method requires extensive study of your favorite lottery. Unfortunately, very few people have the time to do so. You, therefore, need to do much research to know the most commonly drawn numbers.

2. Using Frequency Charts in the Previous Draw. 

Most lottery programs have charts showing how often numbers are for a specific time frame.  

Below is a guide to understanding how the chart works.

  • Take your time to look up all-time frequencies; you will get the best possible data to help you in the analysis. 
  •  Winning numbers that repeatedly come up are likely to remain periodic winners.
  • In case you play numbers that do not come up often, then you may need to wait for a while and see if it eventually comes up when suitable to win. 

3. Use Lucky Numbers

Because winning lottery comes up with a lot of luck, most players go for lucky numbers in the hope of improving their chances of winning. A new study looked at the winning balls across international lotteries, which turns out that number sixteen rolled out nearly all the time.

Lucky numbers come in various streams, from people making selections based on their birthdays, notable days, anniversaries, or even remarkable numbers in their cultures. So, with all the odds being piled up against you, how likely is it that you will predict a winning set of lottery numbers?

4. Quick Pick

The quick pick is a mechanism for having the system pick numbers you could choose by yourself. So, whether there may not be any real difference between quick picks and the manual selection, with the determination of hitting the jackpot, the essential part is, do not forget to play. 

5. Pick Lotto Numbers Using Numerology

They could be numbers that coincidentally reoccur in a person’s life at the abrupt moment.  Numerologists frequently employ formulas to convert unimaginable numbers, such as dates with a day, month, or year in more user-friendly single digits that fit well into a lottery ticket. 

6. Buy More Tickets

The odds to win more increases when you purchase more tickets, by all means, do not use money meant to buy lottery tickets for groceries. If you want to win, buying more tickets is a sure way to increase your chances.  Be consistent with the game and tune in not to miss out on winnings. 

 7. Learn the Delta System

It is a method in which you choose lottery numbers statistically that are next to each other.  Using the system maximizes your chances of winning than when you rely on your preferred numbers. However, you must be ready to do thorough research to understand the numbers that are more likely to win

8. Choose a Low Number

The number you choose should be between 1 and 5. For example, the number 1 is often part of the winning numbers contained in the series. However, you can also pick low numbers that you feel good about, like 3 or 5. There is no exact science to this. 

9. Trust Your Gut

Some pick numbers that pop up in their minds, or they feel good about specific numbers. If particular numbers keep on ringing in your head or keep calling your name, it just might be worth your try. 

10. Be Consistent

The best way of reducing the odds is by being consistent in the game. For example, if you play for a given week, then you only have one chance to win against high odds, unlike if you play every week. 

Bottom Line

Winning the lottery is a game of chance. However, following the tips above maximizes your chances of winning. Follow them but remember to gamble responsibly. 

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