13 Tips for Anyone Moving to Orlando

If you’re considering moving to Orlando, FL, you will find that it is much more than a vacation spot with lots of attractions and theme parks. Orlando is a metropolitan city with a great deal of diversity and opportunities for you to experience. With a population of over 277,000, the average age in the city is 33 years old.

The city of Orlando is made up of over 50 percent singles (including divorced) with 35 percent married and is a family-friendly environment. Families who have children making up more than 50 percent of the population. Orlando is also a great place for older adults with lots of senior services and programs available.

Here are 13 tips for anyone considering moving to Orlando, Florida.

1. Median Home Price and Average Income

The average home price in Orlando is approximately $241,000 with the average household income around $41,000.

2. Nightlife and Restaurants

Along with the numerous restaurants and nightlife attractions of the local theme parks, moving to Orlando also features plenty of neighborhood restaurants and lounges, along with dance halls and nightclubs.

3. Neighborhood Diversity

The city is made up of many different types of neighborhoods like the Audubon Park District or the Hunter’s Creek Area. There are many different neighborhoods for you to choose from to find your perfect home.

4. Educational Opportunities

If you’re looking to improve your education, Orlando has several colleges and universities located in town. Some of the higher education institutes include Columbia College, Florida A&M College of Law, and Valencia College to name a few.

5. Sports Activities and Attractions

If you enjoy local sports activities, the city has plenty of local parks where you can take part in anything from canoeing and kayaking to ice-skating, or just feeding the swans. There are also plenty of Orlando golf courses, gardens, and historic sites for you to enjoy.

6. Entertainment and Attractions

Along with the popular tourist attractions like Disneyworld, Epcot Center, and Legoland, Orlando also includes plenty of local attractions like SeaWorld, the Orlando Science Center, Madame Tussaud’s, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, and a whole lot more.

7. Job Opportunities

The tourist attractions and entertainment venues offer many different job opportunities for local residents, but there are also employment opportunities around town. As of 2019, the unemployment rate is at 2.70 percent. 

8. Suburban Life

For those looking for a more suburban or rural life in Orlando, there are plenty of neighborhoods away from the tourist attractions to offer a peaceful and relaxing environment. 

9. No State Income Tax

Florida is a state that features no state income tax, allowing you to save money. Orlando also has a lower property tax, helping you to afford the purchase of a home in town.

10. Outdoor Opportunities

If you enjoy the outdoors, Orlando has lots of things for you to enjoy. The city is filled with local parks and lakes with fishing, paddle boats, and canoeing opportunities. You can also take in the great outdoors by feeding the local birds or enjoying a picnic in the park under the Florida sunshine.

11. Central Florida Climate

Orlando has a tropical climate with temperatures that hover around 90 degrees for approximately 105 days out of the year. Although the city is in a tropical environment it can also get cold at times. Hurricanes are also a factor that need to be considered when moving to Orlando.

12. Benefits of Living near Local Attractions

Living next to local attractions has additional benefits other that potential jobs. Florida residents can also receive special discounts and benefits to encourage you to visit the attractions.

13. Learn How to Get Around Tourism Traffic

Tourist traffic is a factor that residents have to expect, living in Orlando. But by learning the local roads, you can help to avoid getting caught in busy freeway traffic.

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