5 Commercials You Cannot Unsee

Wow, nothing says legitimate plumbing company like some 90’s CGI and sexual tension between a woman with a clogged toilet and her knight in shining uniform. Do I really need to see some some half nude cartoon woman squirming away on the toilet? Why do they talk like that? This is some nightmare worthy shit right here.

Oh my god, I think I’ve seen it all now. At first you think this might be some really amateur porno with an unfortunate cast of “actors.” Then you realize this is a freaking birthing of the anti-christ, who is about 60 years old and has the voice of a pedophile. I’m pretty sure the people who put this commercial together cued to music too early and just said “fuck it.”

Oh look at this nice little old Cuban man making it big selling cars in America, that’s so swee–excuse me, did you just say you were a gynecologist? Cue random white guy mariachi sequence! Oh my god! Don’t bring out the glove! I am so uncomfortable.

Oh man, now if this isn’t the most targeted ad on the planet, then I don’t know what is. A  woman with an enormous rack stares deadpan into the camera enticing young troglogytes to get “excited” about cos-play knives. Check out those sweet flames! I’m pretty sure she just made a reference to her vagina.

A classic. God-awful acting, no facial expression, and and a very prominent “wtf”  factor makes this commercial so, so great. Chuck Testa shows you how life-like his taxidermy creations are, oh my god, is that antelope driving a car? This is the video that sparked the internet craze a while back, never forget.

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