Signs You Aren’t Ready to be in a Relationship

1. You’re depressed. I’m not talking about occasional depression, but if everyday is a struggle for you, think about how it would be once someone else is in your life. You can hide it for a while, but they will find out, and it won’t be pretty. Get yourself well and seek professional help if you need to.

2. You’re getting desperate. If you pounce on any guy or girl that gives you the slightest bit of attention, then you might have some self-esteem issues or fear being alone.

3. You’re in recovery. You’re sobering up, and you’re vulnerable. A new relationship might seem really helpful, but if it somehow goes south, you might be putting yourself in a bad position to start using again.

4. You’re a chronic flirter. If you can’t stop flirting with people or getting phone numbers, you shouldn’t be in a monogamous relationship, it’s just not fair to them, be respectful.

5. You’re really busy. You have stuff to do, work to be done, places to go, people to see. Right now what you’re doing is your number one priority.

6. You’re not looking for commitment. If you don’t want to be in a long-term relationship, then you might want to stick to just dating around, that way no one’s feeling will be hurt, and you can feel out what you might like for the future.

7.  You’re not over your ex. It takes a long time to truly get over an ex, it can take years. If you’re still feeling sadness or animosity towards him or her, just enjoy being single. The rule of thumb is, don’t get into a relationship until you’re ready to get your heart broken again.

8. You assume everyone will cheat on you. If you’ve been wronged in the past, it’s hard to find trust again, but carrying negative energy into a new relationship can definitely ruin it, or drive them crazy.

9. You’re looking for a specific person. If you’re looking to get in a relationship with a babe, a local celebrity, a musician, a rich person, or any other variation, you’re probably looking in the wrong places for what’s missing in your life.

10. You’ve never been truly single. If you’ve been doing dating monkey bars for as long as your recent memory can remember, then maybe it’s time to see the world through the eyes of a single person. If someone happens to come along, let it happen, but enjoy the ride, because sooner or later, you’ll be back on the saddle.

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