…Chicks Love That

sad woman

Order for your date at the Macaroni Grill… Chicks love that

Leave an unopened box of Plan B on your dresser… Chicks loves that

Replace her bookmark with a polaroid of your naked junk… Chicks love that

Axe body spray applied directly to your scrotum… Chicks love that

Point out when she finishes a large meal quickly… Chicks love that

Talk about how your level 23 Khajiit in Skyrim has the most “banging tits”… Chicks love that

If she cops an attitude, guffaw and ask, “Are you on the rag or something?”… Chicks love that

Ask her how she is feeling constantly… Chicks love that

Buy her dinner then remind her you bought her dinner at the end of the night… Chicks love that

Let your boy “diesel” ride shot gun… Chicks love that


After she’s done getting ready, ask, “You’re really going out like that?”… Chicks love that

Play wrestle with her when she is not expecting it, surprise her when she’s hanging out with friends… Chicks love that

Drink the whole bottle of Jager Meister and smoke Parliaments… Chicks love that

Sleep in an ‘ironic’ race car bed… Chicks love that

race car bed

If she doesn’t respond within two minutes resend that text message… Chicks love that

Repeat that joke — if she didn’t laugh she probably didn’t hear you… Chicks love that

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