5 Handy Tools For The Modern Millennial

Depending on whom you ask if you are born between the 1980’s-mid 1990’s you are a millennial. This generation should have been called Generation Y but most preferred the strong, one-word title. Millennials are extremely familiar with technology and depend on it for most communication.

Millennials are known to have more liberal views towards politics and economics. They are confident in who they are and what they believe in. This can sometimes come off as though they are self-centered and narcissistic. However, this doesn’t apply to everyone and some believe this behavior it is due to our individualistic society. Nonetheless, they are civically responsible and maintain a great work-life balance.

This leads to 5 useful tips on how to better manage your time, finances, work, and personal life.

Manage junk mail

There are simply not enough hours in the day to get everything completed that we want done. Rather than ending the day with unfinished business, this is one way you can eliminate the time you spend on pointless activities.

Spam emails. We all get them and it’s easy for them to pill up in the thousands. Rather than sitting and deleting emails one by one, taking 20 minutes out of your day, an app has been created to save you from your troubles.

Unroll.me is an app where you can manage your subscriptions and instantly avoid getting continuous spam mail. Think about it, spending 20 minutes daily on deleting spam equals to ~7,300 minutes wasted a year. Saving this time allows you to continue that perfect life balance millennials are known to have.

Stay informed

We all get our news in different ways. We either watch TV, scroll through social media, or read the paper. Reading every news story takes much longer because we are utilizing several sources at once.

What if I told you there is one source that sends a complete newsletter of all current news? Skimm is a service that sends one document to your inbox where you can be informed of everything that is happening around the world. Even if you don’t like the news, this is a fantastic way to make a habit out of reading the news.

Being informed about current affairs is super important for millennials or anyone for that matter. Things that happen around the world can greatly affect businesses either positively or negatively. It’s crucial to be aware of news for work purposes but also for small talk in the elevator.

Take a social break and go on a camping trip

Any millennial can relate to getting bored of a routine. Sometimes all you need is a change of pace to refresh and get back into the swing of things. If you have some vacation days lying around, use them.

Going camping eliminates your ability and need for a phone. It is you, your close friends, and the wilderness. This is an excellent way to get away from it all and appreciate all your creature comforts.

If camping in the middle of the forest, not to worry. Using something such as the predator 3500 generator, will keep your campsite running and allow you to enjoy the experience even more.

Take charge of your finances

Nothing is free anymore. In fact, it feels as though everything is going up in price. Millennials are no exception to financial stress. It is likely that they have student loans, inconsistent wages, difficulty in finding work, paying rent, and buying groceries all looming over their heads.

This can all be overwhelming unless you create a plan for smart budgeting and saving. One of the key elements to bring financially smart is to eliminate wasteful spending. Conduct an honest assessment and determine what you are actually spending your money on. If it’s a non-essential, stop buying it.

Another important element to your finances is taking a hard look at where you are living. If you are living right in the heart of the city, you may want to consider relocating where rent and transportation are cheaper. Lastly, always save 15% of your paycheck. No questions asked.

Adapt to the changing workplace

The workforce is changing and more people are leaving their office jobs to pursue freelancing or become a digital nomad. This provides workers with more freedom of where and when they choose to work.

Millennials have more opportunity when it comes to work than their parents. These days, you no longer need to work for a large company to be successful. You can begin your own business, be your own boss, and create work that you want to do.

Whether you choose to freelance or work digitally, you can most definitely earn a sufficient salary. All from the comfort of your home, in your pajamas, while you take a break mid-day for some yoga, and take a road trip to finish the rest of your work in the mountains. This could be the best reality for a millennial.

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