Four Legitimate Ways the Internet Can Help to Improve Your Finances

The internet has reached its long fingers into every corner of our fast-paced modern lives. Shaping the way 21st century denizens shop, connect, bank, and even date, it has changed our world fundamentally, so it’s little wonder that so many use it as a means of both making and saving money.

We’re not just talking about those who channel it to sell their products or set up their own businesses either. Even those of us who have a standard 9-5 can use it to make and/or save a bit extra on the side – provided we know what we’re doing, anyway!

So, want to know four legitimate ways to boost your bank balance without ever leaving the comfort of your own home? Then here are some ideas to inspire you…

Sell your stuff on eBay

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Lots of people do this already, but selling your old stuff online can make a real difference to your dollar, which is something to think about the next time you’re planning a clear out. Although we’re sure there’ll be certain items that are only fit for the bin, the rest should go on eBay if you want an easy way of increasing your monthly income. From old mobile phones to books you’ll never read, there are always buyers to be found.

Take advantage of online offers

Listing items on eBay is great if it’s time for a clear out, but there are also a few tips you can take advantage of on a more frequent basis, like looking around for online offers. The perfect way to save yourself money each month, this will help to increase your disposable income by decreasing your outlay. From searching around for your latest expensive watch at a bargain basement price to trying the innovative wheel of Rizk on the recommendation of a site like, there are always discounts and special offers out there if you take the time to hunt them down.

Become a mystery shopper

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If you’ve got a couple of hours spare in the evening and want to put them to good use, you could also think about becoming a mystery shopper. There are lots of market research companies out there that are happy to pay people like you to pose as customers, so that they can gather information about a retailer’s products, services, and the all-round customer experience. They won’t require you to do anything difficult, and they will compensate you for your time – often quite handsomely.

Answer paid surveys

We’re not saying you’ll earn your millions from it, but another way to earn some extra pocket money is by answering paid surveys. There are lots of websites out there that will help to connect you with marketers eager for your feedback, and you won’t be expected to devote too much of your time to filling them in. A really easy way to give your bank balance a little boost if you’re in need of some beer money, this is something absolutely anyone can sign up for.

Which of these four innovative ideas will you try your hand at first?

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