3 Ways to Get a Full Workout Without Hitting the Gym

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Do you want to know the secret to getting fit? It doesn’t involve late night infomercials or expensive equipment. It also doesn’t require intricate knowledge of nutrition and food preparation. What it boils down to are the two C’s: Consistency and Creativity.

That’s right; if you are consistent and use a little creativity in your workouts, you will start seeing some serious changes to your body. Consistency is quite self-explanatory. All you have to do is keep on track and not give up. While it is straightforward, it is by no means an easy task to accomplish.

Creativity is really where you can let your mind roam free as you come up with workouts that will challenge your body and your resolve. The reason that creativity works so well is because our bodies adapt to whatever we throw at it and our physical growth becomes stunted. However, if you keep changing up your workouts, you don’t give your body the opportunity to adapt itself to the exercise. Below you will find three ways to get a workout without having to step into a gym.

Use Your Surroundings

We tend to disregard what we have around us as possible workout equipment. You might see a flight of stairs, but if you use a little creativity, you will see them as a perfect place to run drills up and down. A park trail can be a great place to challenge your usual running routine, which makes looking for houses for sale in Colorado Springs sound like a great idea.

Squat Like You Mean It

If you are limited in gym equipment, there is no need to fret. In fact, you can use your bodyweight to make your workouts more challenging. If you are going sans gym equipment, then the best bang for your buck is squats.

Squats recruit a lot of muscles to complete the movement. Also, they use big muscles that will lead to some pretty serious results. Try placing a chair behind you as you attempt your squats. The chair will ensure you are squatting deep enough and that your form is consistent.

Deadlifts Are Your Friend as Well

While on the topic of exercises that recruit large muscle groups, then we need to also talk about deadlifts. Much like squats, deadlifts also require a lot of muscles and can be a crucial exercise to incorporate into your fitness journey. Also, like squats, perfect form is vital. Try looking online to check if your form is correct. It is also beneficial to try your deadlifts in front of a mirror as it can be challenging to “feel” your form while performing the exercise.

As you can tell, fitness does not equal being at a gym. While having a sea of machines and weights might be helpful, you should also remember that all that equipment is there to take the creativity out of your workout. Use some creativity, and you can cancel that gym membership.


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