A Beginner’s Guide to Dating Online

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Dating online could be fun and convenient, but online discussions may not be easy to navigate. As a result, transitioning to dating online is not always straightforward and smooth as many people think. That is why we will share the steps to take when approaching the world of digital dating.

From finding an online dating site, ensuring digital privacy, to finding your first date, this guide covers the basic things every beginner should know. So, keep reading as we show you how to interact successfully. 

Step One – How to Choose a Good Site

There are over five thousand dating sites in the world and this number could be overwhelming. However, before deciding on which one to use, ensure that it is reliable. Stick to sites that are well-known, then research to know the number of subscribers on the site.

Ensure you read reviews from users to know their positive and negative experiences. You can visit the site itself, read their privacy policy, and check the “about” section to see if there is a human face behind it, a telephone number, and an e-mail address. For you to also know if the site is for sex finder or just for dating alone.

Some sites are free while you have to pay for others. Paid sites usually have members who are serious about starting a relationship. This is because of the financial investment involved; membership is not cheap on those sites. 

Free sites have many members. This means you have more choices, but the probability of interacting with scammers is high. 

Step Two – How to Create Your Profile

While displaying an attractive photo of yourself, be careful of the personal details you share on your profile. For instance, you can say your occupation, but not the name of the company or its location. Ensure that the username you use is not on any of your social media accounts.

Also, ensure that the profile does not display your real names, birth year, or birth date. Be careful of the pictures you display, including what is in its background. Anyone can carry out a reverse photo search and locate other sites where the photo appears. 

Therefore, you can consider using a new selfie. You may want to click here to know how to develop an amazing profile.

Step Three – How to Communicate Safely

Although you’ve been chatting with a potential partner, that person is not different from a stranger. Anyone can display any appearance online that is not actually true in real life. Exercise caution when giving out any information that could link back to your real identity.

Giving out your email address or cell number may not be harmful, but here are things you should know:

  1. Keep your communication within the site. Most sites have a moderating team that you can report to if any message appears offensive or threatening. 
  2. If you decide to take the conversation off the site to an email address, ensure you have an email account solely for that purpose. This will keep you anonymous.
  3. When you need to level up to phone calls, be cautious. Set up an account with Google Voice; it is free and will provide a phone number that you can use. The calls will be forwarded to your real cell number. So, if things begin to fizzle out, at least, the stranger will not have your contact details. 

Step Four – How to Prepare for a Real-Life Meeting

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The moment you and your potential mate decide to meet in real life, you still need to be cautious. Everything may look alright, but here are tips to stay safe during a physical meeting:

  1. Ensure that the meeting holds in a public place and other people are around in case anything goes wrong. Also, ensure that your date does not have your house address.
  2. Utilize a buddy system and tell your close friend where you’re going, who you’re going out with, their cell number, and how long you will be there. This ensures that you have a backup if the meeting is not going as planned or you find yourself in an unconducive situation.
  3. Some bars now post a sign in the convenience for female online daters. The sign states that they can order a particular drink if the date is not going well. In that case, a staff member can approach your table and assist, so you won’t end up dealing with an unsafe or uncomfortable situation.
  4. If you do not feel ready to meet with the potential mate alone, some dating sites organize events such that you can meet as a group. This is relatively new but a safe method of meeting strangers in real life. The events feature different engaging activities such as cookery classes, speed dating, and pub quizzes. 

You may want to check out https://www.aconsciousrethink.com/11834/first-date-tips-after-meeting-online/ to get more tips for meeting with an online date.

Spotting an Online Dating Scam

Online dating is not free of cybercriminals. While you are protecting yourself from cat fishers and stalkers, you need to watch out for the following:

  1. Someone may reach out to you with stories of being stranded or a family emergency. As soon as they request cash, report their account to the site’s moderator and block them.
  2. If you ask for the person’s recent photo and they make excuses or protest about not being able to provide the photo, you must exercise caution.
  3. If you have been chatting with the person for some time and they keep putting off a real-life meeting, then something is wrong.
  4. When people who have not communicated with you for a long time send links to you; do not visit those links. Scammers usually disguise as members and ask their targets to visit certain links, which could lead to webcam or porn sites. They may also lead to sites that will corrupt your computer’s hard drive. 
  5. If they request webcam chats, be careful about how you behave during the conversation. The criminal may be recording the session so they can blackmail you with it. If the chat becomes uncomfortable, you are at liberty to disconnect.


Dating online has proven to be efficient over the years. Several people have found their life partners on dating sites. However, you need to beware of scammers. The information shared in this article is useful to both beginners and pros to enable you to record significant success with online dating.

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