Best Oculus Go Accessories

To view your favorite movie or play your choice video games in VR without spending a ton on a VR headset, opt for the Oculus Go. The premium Oculus VR models are beyond the reach of most VR aficionados and enthusiasts. Luckily for such VR buffs, the Oculus Go comes pretty cheap in stark contrast to the high-end models like Rift, Rift S, and Quest. 

Though the Oculus Go offers you a unique VR experience while viewing a movie or playing video games, it has some serious limitations. For a start, it does not sit comfortably on your face and light filters in from underneath. Additionally, Go’s battery life is poor; it’s not compatible with Bluetooth headphones, has low storage space, and is delicate. 

These drawbacks can come in the way of your making most out of your VR apps. However, you can get around these limitations by using some accessories that get with the Oculus Go. You do not need a PC or a smartphone or power cables for operating it, thanks to the Oculus Go’s headset being thoroughly autonomous.

Check out the following accessories for making the most of your Oculus Go.

RAVpower Portable Battery 22,000mAh 

If you’re using the Oculus Go, you know the battery does not deliver on the performance front. On the one hand, it takes a long time to charge the battery, and on the other, it holds charge only for a few hours. You can always recharge the battery by connecting it to a power outlet as long as you’re indoors.

However, you’ll need a very powerful portable battery if you wish to use the Go while you’re on the move. The RAVpower portable charger/22000mAh will not only keep your Oculus Go fully charged for many hours but also charge two other devices. This powerhouse of a battery from RAVPower can fully charge your Galaxy S8 and iPhone X 4.4 and 4.9 times respectively.

The Li-Po (lithium polymer) battery holds up to 80% charge even when it has been through more than 500 charge-discharge cycles. Your RAVpower battery comes with a lifetime warranty, carry pouch, user manual, two micro USB charging cables, and portable charger.     

Universal Stand Holder for VR Headset

As the name indicates, the Universal Stand Holder from GOVARK can be accessorized with virtually all VR headsets, including the Oculus Go. The versatile stand holder comes in perfectly handy for effectively installing your Go as well as storing it safely. The GOVARK Universal Stand Holder features a very broad and stable base ensuring that the Oculus always stays perched firmly.

Constructed from the best grade of ABS, this stand holder keeps your VR headset in a ready-to-play mode at all times. You’ll find the gadget remarkably easy to set up and detach. The Universal Stand Holder also has a high aesthetic appeal.

Hard EVA Travel Case for Oculus Rift VR – Virtual Reality Headset by Hermitshell

Hard EVA travel case from Hermitshell will keep your Oculus Go headset thoroughly safe. At the same time, you’ll be able to keep all other accessories like connecting cables, battery, and foam interface organized and secure. The ergonomic design of the travel case enables you to fit your Go inside the case along with other relevant accessories. 

The robust EVA shell of the travel case ensures that it will stay in service for years to come. Additionally, the spaciousness of the travel case allows you to store an extra battery or gaming controller.

Bluetooth Transmitter for VR Headset

True Wireless/Bluetooth Headphone from VICSOME will perfectly pair with your Oculus Go headset. You may miss out on the immersive experience that the Go is supposed to offer if you do not have a premium Bluetooth transmitter. The VICSOME True Wireless earbuds come equipped with noise-canceling technology, thereby ensuring you have a unique VR experience while viewing a movie or playing video games. 

The intuitive TWS dual-mode Bluetooth chip makes sure that signal transmission frequency remains consistent and stable. Therefore, though the earbuds’ wireless signal transmission happens separately, transmission synchronicity is maintained. The dual-mode chip together with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 version, facilitates saving electricity and eventually enhancing the battery’s shelf life.

The inbuilt 40mm HD tweeter speakers enable you to listen to clear and crisp sound at all frequency levels. The compact earbuds fit and sit comfortably inside your ears. The ultra-lightweight profile and the pressure-mitigating earcups prevent your ears from stressing out while you enjoy extensive gaming sessions.

Bluetooth Gaming Controller  

EVO VR-Pro Level Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad pairs with Android-based VR headsets, tablets, and smartphones. Across-the-board Bluetooth connectivity means you can connect the device with a host of digital gadgets. The colossal battery supplied with this gamepad allows you to operate the pad for 20 hours at a stretch on a full recharge. 

Four shoulder triggers and two analog sticks enable you to make the most of this EVO gamepad. The ergonomically designed gamepad comes with rubberized grips and very receptive buttons.

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