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Up, Up, And Away and Flying by Private Jet

So, how much is known about private jets? We shall consider the different types, how individuals and companies make use of them, and how you can go about hiring one from companies such as Jettly’s Private Jet Charter Service. Types of Private Jets There are many different types of private jet that are used by… Read more »

November 19, 2020

3 Unique Things to Do in California That’ll Surprise You

In 2019, California’s travel industry saw it’s ninth year of continued growth. Around 42 million people chose the Golden State as their ideal travel destination as they flocked to the west coast.  But instead of flocking to Santa Monica Beach or putting on your ears and heading to Disneyland, you should take the road less… Read more »

August 25, 2020

6 of the Best Fishing Spots in the World

While everyone has their favorite fishing spots close to home, sometimes you need to go on an adventure. No matter where you live, you’re only a plane flight away from some of the most incredible fishing locales the world has to offer. Your local stream or pond might be great, but there’s simply no replacement… Read more »

June 24, 2020

Everything You Need to Do In and Around Kansas City

Kansas City, located on the western border of Missouri, is known for its vibrant heritage, including its commitment to jazz music and delicious barbeque. Home of the 2020 Super Bowl champions, Kansas City also has a history of sports success.  If you’re planning an extended visit to Kansas City or simply passing through, you’ll want… Read more »

June 23, 2020