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The Season 6 Premiere of The Walking Dead

***Spoiler Alert*** The Walking Dead returned on Sunday night with the premiere of their 6th season. The 90-minute episode answered a lot of questions and had more walkers than any other episode. The episode went back and forth with flashbacks from what happened after the season 5 finale. All of the past events were in… Read more »

Trevor Noah Takes Over The Daily Show

Trevor Noah just finished his first week as the new host of The Daily Show and so far viewers seem pretty pleased. Beloved host Jon Stewart made his departure this summer and we all have been anticipating Noah’s debut. Over 3 million people tuned into Noah’s first night making it the third most watched episode… Read more »

The Best Characters on South Park

South Park has been around for years and some of us have grown to know the characters better than our own friends. Matt Stone and Trey Parker created the show and do those two know how to push some buttons. The show has been on Comedy Central since 1997 and gets better each year. These… Read more »

The Stars of The Daily Show

After 16 years, Jon Stewart said goodbye to The Daily Show. Stewart isn’t the only comedian who boosted their career thanks to the satire news show. The Daily Show has seen a lot of correspondents, most have gone on to do things and get recognized, but some turned out to be big stars. Ed Helms… Read more »