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Masterchef Season 5 is the Worst of Reality Television

There are certain aspects that make a good reality show. A healthy dose of fabricated drama, quirky characters and a solid concept are all the ingredients that made American Idol the biggest smash on television in 2002. There is usually a villain (ex. Omarosa from The Apprentice) and a hero ( ex. Clay Aiken from… Read more »

Worst Television Spinoffs

When a television sitcom reaches a certain level of success, Hollywood producers often see dollar signs in milking every bit of commercial appeal by crafting a spin off series. The ones that succeed do so by crafting their own vision and style, distancing themselves from the original series. The ones that fail are either uninspired… Read more »

Shows to Marathon on Netflix Vol. II

A couple months ago I made a list of great shows on Netflix instant watch to sit down with a bag of cheesy poofs and waste a weekend with. It has been 8 months since I wrote that article and the landscape of Netflix has changed. Some shows have been removed and others have been… Read more »