Celebrities And CBD

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In recent years, many well-known and beloved celebrities have come out as being cannabis-friendly across a variety of public forums. Seth Rogen, Snoop Dogg, Woody Harrelson, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna – all of these folks have been quite public about their love of medical marijuana (particularly Rogen and the Doggfather), and with the stigma around public cannabis consumption gradually becoming less arcane and more accepting, who can blame them? Medicinal cannabis has been proven to help ameliorate anxiety and physical pain – and what’s more is that this form of cannabis can be a fun, mellow way to unwind that doesn’t come saddled with the baggage of an early-morning hangover. Plus, think of all the great Seth Rogen comedies and Snoop Dogg albums we would be robbed of if it were not for their creators’ very open love of cannabis.

CBD is, relatively speaking, a new kid on the block in this regard. It doesn’t have the same kind of widespread understanding that is afforded to marijuana. Many people are still learning what CBD is, what it’s for and how best to consume it. It should be mentioned, however, that certain celebs have been spotted using CBDfx, which very well means that a tide could be turning in regards to how we view cannabidiol in relation to prominent public figures.

One of the more well-known figures to endorse CBD in a public way in the last few years has been Kim Kardashian. Kardashian, who claims that CBD “saved her life,” threw a CBD-themed baby shower for her fourth child with rapper and fashion mogul Kanye West. Jennifer Aniston, who was once known as an on-and-off weed smoker (which is not surprising when you consider that she used to date pre-sobriety Brad Pitt) is also someone who has praised the virtues of CBD. Actress and “Booksmart” director Olivia Wilde is also on the record as being a fan of CBD, as she told the New York Times that she regularly used CBD during a six-month Broadway run as an organic alternative to store-bought painkillers.

Believe it or not, Whoopi Goldberg is also a CBD believer. Being a middle-aged woman who frequently has to deal with cramps and other assorted physical pains, Goldberg is someone who no doubt understands the benefits of CBD all too well (recently, she helped to form a medicinal cannabis company of her very own called Whoopi & Maya). Former “Freaks and Geeks” star Busy Phillips has said that she likes to nibble on CBD gummies, while Goop mastermind Gwyneth Paltrow has gone on to espouse the joys of CBD-focused dinner parties. Seth Rogen, no stranger to what Black Sabbath used to call the “sweet leaf,” has also broadcasted his love of CBD on Twitter, while “The Good Place” star Kristen Bell and Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr are also on the record as supporting CBD. Would it surprise you to learn that one of the most legendary stoners of all time – Mr. Tommy Chong – has also come around?

What are the reasons for so many celebrities suddenly getting hip to the cannabidiol craze? It feels safe to say that part of it could be a lifestyle choice. CBD is in the process of becoming popularized on a worldwide scale, and the influence of “lifestyle” celebs such as Kim Kardashian will only work to boost cannabidiol’s widespread public acceptance. There’s also a gap we subconsciously bridge when it comes to celebrities and the general public – in other words, knowing that someone like Rihanna has touted the benefits of CBD makes it easier for the Average Joe to justify it for their own personal use. If it’s good enough for Gene Simmons, it’s good enough for you.

Who will be the next celeb to publicly endorse CBD? Will presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders be the next one to take a stance? It certainly doesn’t seem outside the realm of possibility, particularly considering his position on legalized marijuana. Will Wiz Khalifa, one of rap music’s most prominent stoners, start lending his popular image to cannabidiol ventures – possibly a CBD company or brand? Perhaps viral celebrities or Youtube stars will want to cash in on the burgeoning, increasingly ubiquitous CBD trend. Whatever the case may be, it feels safe to say that famous people have become more and more comfortable using and publicly advocating for the benefits of CBD – and we don’t see that changing anytime soon!   

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