Top 3 Funny Videos of the Day – 10.28.13

Our latest funny videos roundup

A$AP Rocky Makes Riff Raff Freestyle

There are few things I would rather watch than A$AP Rocky chain smoking blunts with Riff Raff in a tour bus and freestyling. Riff Raff … is an interesting dude, but man is he funny as hell. To see him and the other guys rap somewhat successfully, skip to the 8:08 mark.

Guy Flirts With GTA Stripper Over Mic

We’ve already discussed why GTA V is one of the coolest and stupidest video games in recent memory, but we never listed this video as a convincing reason. In order to flirt with strippers in GTA V, the player is required to talk through the microphone. This player either didn’t realize or didn’t care that his disgusting diatribe was being broadcast to the entire server. More power to you, disgusting GTA V guy.

Batman Can’t Stop Thinking About Sex by College Humor

This series by College Humor starring Pete Holmes gets a lot of things right, blurring the lines between Batman The Dark Knight Rises at the best of times. Holmes plays a convincing Bruce Wayne who is clearly more interested in the sex he was having than his uncontrollable bleeding. If you’re a fan of this video, College Humor created an entire series of Batman videos. Enjoy.

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