Games Into Social Networks

If you’re tentative about joining social networks on various social media and particularly about meeting new people online – then microgaming offers a potentially safe and neutral “way in”.

With online gaming sites – through playing things like casino games and video slots etc., you can have a lot of fun and meet other players in a virtual world as you play whichever games you choose to. And the games are designed to be fun and engaging.

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Many sites have designated social areas where players exchange views and even shout each other on with words of virtual encouragement – when another player is close to winning a big progressive jackpot, for example. This is all exciting stuff and sites like and others detail how and where you can choose games which offer the best introductory bonuses for free cash etc., to help get you started.

Some of the amounts on offer can be truly life-changing and some people have won literally millions of pounds, dollars or euros.

But it’s always very important to remember that most people microgaming will lose money over a long enough period of time.

So here are a few tips to help keep your losses minimal and to maximize your chances of success:


  • Firstly – just play online micro games which are affordable. In particular – if you play slots games – pay close attention to the quantity of paylines.
  • When playing slots try to select only those games which offer multiple bonus rounds.
  • Don’t be too easily tempted by progressive jackpots. These can be great fun to play – but make sure you don’t go in for those games with progressive payments, as the tendency is to get lured in to paying more than you can easily afford to lose due to the excitement that comes with the game. Such games are designed to make us all feel like we’re getting close to the big prize so that we keep adding more cash.
  • Always maximize the free bonus cash offers and free spins / games etc. Sweat the detail here – it really is worth it.
  • Obviously – play only those sites which are licensed and fully regulated online casinos.
  • Try to calculate the different payout percentages of all games on offer. If you’re playing to minimize losses – concentrate on those games with the best payout percentages. Otherwise – playing should be for the fun of it only.
  • If you’re lucky enough to land a large win – then don’t continue to gamble on the same  game / machine, chasing another. Remember the old saying that the bookies love a first time winner.

Overall, microgaming can be a lot of fun and a good way into new social networks – and a way of meeting up with other like-minded people online. There are even tournaments with some sites where you play for points only, just for the fun of the game. So if you’re at all worried about losing money, just play for the fun and socialization microgaming can bring.


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