How to Ask a Girl to Homecoming

Hey guys! Since so many of you enjoyed my last post about all my awesome dating tips, I thought I would come back and spill some of my secrets I’ve got on how to ask a girl to homecoming with you. Some of these tricks I learned from my big bro and step-dad, Mark, but most of them are just some classic Zander. So strap in, gents. This one’s gonna be fun!

Put a Note in Her Lunch. No, in her lunch

how to ask a girl to homecoming

First, write your letter asking her to homecoming. Then, laminate the post. I usually go to my school’s library and use the laminator in the back while Ms. Stephens is sleeping (she’s like 90 lol). Finally, put the letter in her favorite sandwich and watch her take a bite. She’ll be so shocked when she finds a piece of plastic with a handwritten letter of endearment she’ll have to say yes!

Spell it Out — with Fire!

how to ask a girl to homecoming

Girls always love a guy who can heat things up. First, go to your step-dad’s garage and steal his gas can. If it doesn’t already have gas in it, you’ll have to get some by either buying some at the gas station, or siphon some out of your mom’s Jeep. Next, go to your lady of choice’s home and get to spellin’. Make sure to add an exclamation point at the end so she knows you’re in it to win it. Spark that sucker up, ring the doorbell, and watch your sweethearts face light up — pun intended!  

Ask her out on AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) 

how to ask a girl to homecoming

AIM is pretty much where I talk to all my friends. This one’s great because if she says no, you can just play it off like your older bro got on your computer. Here’s an example conversation:

ZanderLuvsLadies: Hey qt ;-> wanna go 2 homecoming wit me?

sk8rGurL27: No thx

ZanderLuvsLadies: LOL that was my older brother… idiot. I mean, that would be ridiculous, right? Me asking you.. ha ha

ZanderLuvsLadies: You wouldn’t be interested … would you?

sk8rGurL27: k

Works every time! 

Get Everyone’s Attention

how to ask a girl to homecoming

You’ll have to get pretty sneaky for this one. Wait until lunch time when all your friends are in the cafeteria enjoying some food. Hopefully your principal is a dweeb like mine and leaves his office to monitor us kids just trying to have fun on our ONLY break at school. Sneak into his office and get on the loudspeaker and ask her out. She’ll think it’s sweet that you risked getting detention and totally want to go with you. Maybe even start singing a song with her name in the title. I think I saw that in a movie once or something.


how to ask a girl to homecoming

Girls like to see you have a sensitive side. That’s just a well-known fact. So, if all else fails just start to cry! Cry until your lady gives in and decides to go with you. Make sure you get a really good cry in there. None of that fake stuff, guys. This has to be legit. Maybe think about the time your step-dad ran over your family dog “on accident,” or about the time you broke your arm trying to land an awesome trick on your Huffy. Once you’re at homecoming and your date decides she doesn’t want to dance with you anymore, just sit at a table and cry again. I’m sure another lady will see a sensitive guy just looking for a good time.

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