Just Fly Reviews Insider Tips About NewYork Life

New York is the center of the world, and to get there once is some people’s lifelong dream – others work hard for the value of the dollar, some merely want to rest in the American life, and live a cultured fairytale in a dream city. Living here is a mix of experiences that can make anyone feel alive, connected, and thankful for the opportunity. In this review, we collected a few tips from people who lived the life in one of the world’s thriving cultural cities:

Reasonable fare for your stay


For one, travellers to New York will be needing accommodation. If so, prepare to do some more research as even budget hotels in the city are very expensive – consider these JustFly app reviews to learn more about accommodation rental services and apps like Airbnb which can help you locate a cheap place to stay in New York. Your best bet are hotels in the other 5 boroughs, like Brooklyn.

Know your way around

It pays once you get there to master the intricacies of New York’s train or subway system. The entire city is well-connected by the rail system and getting from one place to another using this transport method and others – such as cab, Uber, bus, or even bike, is surprisingly easy and affordable.

Food fare

New York is famous as a fashion and art capital, but also as a food heaven and commercial district. That being said, there are many diners and eateries that offer mid-range prices for meals, along with food carts and stalls for those New Yorkers known as on-the-go. Locals also typically start their dinners late in the evening, and eating out is such a part of the city’s daily culture that many restaurants find themselves packed at certain hours of the day. Tourists learn from insider tips to eat a while before or after these peak times, or to reserve seats hours, weeks, or even a month in advance.

Go with the flow

New Yorkers are notorious for always being on-the-go and for cramming the value of a dollar or their time. This is why they juggle with more than a single job at a time, or cram the most activities when travelling. If you’re a visitor, try and live their way by participating in their culture of sightseeing, eating out with a group or alone, and doing free things that draw you closer to the whole experience.


This city is filled with surprises and secrets at every corner and block that a whole lifetime cannot discover. Insiders suggest you try to make your trip to New York as structured as possible by sticking to a budget, but go off the beaten path with other alternatives to the same experiences. A perfect example would be the free Staten Island Ferry tour where you’ll view the Statue of Liberty, or eating at smaller local joints; this way, you open your eyes to details you might have missed.

No matter how you look at New York, there’s always something new and refreshing it has to offer to everyone, whether they are locals or tourists who are new to the entire scene and lifestyle. New York may be famous but its underground subway money-saving aspects are not as well-known, and these insider facts can definitely help you make your way around like a New Yorker.

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