Meet MILFs In Your Area: How To Attract One

The term ‘MILF’ can be compared to ‘cougar’ but they’re not exactly the same. A MILF is a woman with children who incites sexual fantasies for members of the opposite sex including those friends of her teenagers. Thus, the acronym, “Mother I’d Like To F***”. The term is meant to be a compliment, but some women tend to perceive it as an insult. 

What Is A MILF

Overall, a MILF is a woman who has been fortunate enough to maintain her good looks despite going through childbirth making them attractive to men, particularly young men. The women typically have no interest in the men who refer to them as such. Most of them are unaware that the younger generation finds them appealing since they are for the most part married. Check here for other terms for attractive older women.

There is no specific age group for MILFs. They can be as young as the late twenties as long as they fit into the category of a good-looking mom. There is a certain tendency for men to find women who bear children, specifically attractive women, desirable.

What Is A Cougar

Contrarily, a cougar is entirely different. A cougar has no issue with enjoying the company of younger men and has no problem with dating them. There is an age range with cougars beginning around 40 and over. They are fantastic looking and generally are only interested in having a good time, nothing serious. Young men find these ladies especially attractive due to their experience and the confidence they exude. They find this a refreshing change and arousing.

The young men in the cougar scenario are referred to as cubs which makes sense because they would be deemed as prey for the ladies. Contrary to MILFs, cougars are not necessarily family oriented. They intend to have a good time. There is increasing popularity for cougars with many dating sites created around them throughout the internet whereas the chance to meet MILFs in your area may not be as easy.

MILF vs Cougar

Similarities between a MILF and a cougar is that they each offer a high level of self-confidence, beauty, and they are irresistible to men. With MILFs, however, they are not out for attention and a cougar requires it.

In each scenario, the women can offer the young men with fascination experience on many levels not just with sex but as far as life in general. They can provide advice on goals and various other topics where they may not have that opportunity in another situation.

Cougars tend to carry a negative reputation due to their inability to commit to a long-term relationship. They need to be recognized for the fact that they have no fear of breaking the standard taboos and speaking how they feel. This doesn’t lessen their ability to be loving and caring. Men should have no fear of getting to know a cougar as they’re given the potential to have the time of their life, even if it is short-lived. Now that we know the difference, how do you attract a MILF?

Attracting A MILF

Most MILFs have the opinion that the younger men are fueled by sex with no brains and no idea where they’re going in life. To try to break that ingrained notion, a man needs to present himself as someone who is sophisticated and able to hold an intelligent conversation. No matter how old someone is or where you come from, connecting with someone is about building a rapport with that person. For a MILF, men find that they want to discuss issues such as spirituality, books, social issues, and other things of this nature.

One thing that you will find is that a mother loves her kids more than anything in the world. You need to pay attention when she talks about her kids. Many MILFs are pretty insecure about the fact that they’re in the dating world with children at home. They know that not many guys are going to be up for the challenge of raising someone else’s kids. If she doesn’t bring up the kids, bring them up yourself. This would be a major bonus point. Go to for a cool article on other groups of older attractive women.

Ask The MILF To Go Out

A MILF is not going to expect you to shower her with extravagance on your date. She simply wants to spend some time with you, possibly get some drinks. Try to do something unique that she may not have tried yet, maybe a wine tasting. By this point, after getting to know each other through conversations, there should be an indication if there is chemistry between you. 

MILFs are well-traveled, experienced and have a much better comprehension of how life works. They don’t want to participate in games. Games are something that you’ll find with the younger generation of women. This is where finding a MILF has major advantages. When they realize they have something good in front of them, they jump on the opportunity.

MILFs are more inclined than a cougar to engage in a relationship. There is the potential for it to grow into something more long-term if that’s where you want it to go. This is where you need to be careful with a MILF because there are kids involved. Don’t meet her kids until you’re sure where you want things to go with their mom.

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