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Today, you can see many ads in videos, and this kind of marketing has exploded for many years. Customers say that they want to watch ads rather than read about them because it makes everything “more alive.” If you’re into video marketing, then a Vimeo social profile may help you out.

Marketers and creators are using Vimeo in many companies when it comes to sharing and creating videos. This is similar to YouTube but more of a social media platform to grow your business, even if you’re a property developer like Norm Ebenstein. Just similar to that of Norm Ebenstein: Vimeo social profiles, you can add links to other sites like scoop it so customers can know more about you. Here are other things that you can benefit from in Vimeo.

About the Platform

Video-sharing platforms are popular on the internet, and one of these is Vimeo. It’s for professionals or businesses who want to make high-quality videos and share them over the internet. Currently, the platform has millions of users and subscribers. It has garnered over a hundred billion views since it started as well.

Just how popular this platform really is?

You can do recordings, customize, and edit premium videos that have background music, sound effects, texts, and a call-to-action on this site.

You can also work with various workflow features, collaboration tools, detailed analytics, and privacy settings that will make you understand more about your viewers’ preferences. For example, as a property developer, you can show your audience a quick virtual tour of some of the houses that you have. You can introduce them to various shopping centers, business facilities, and more while you’re developing them, and this will make it more interesting. 

This platform stands out because the creators can get high-quality content even if they are in real estate. You can learn more about real estate on this site here. Their uploaded vids really make a difference. This is different from others like YouTube, where you will sometimes find spam, random, and low-quality videos.

When you visit this site, you can find the quality highly engaging, especially on house tours. Some content creators prefer to be more informative and exciting. They may go through the steps with you to acquire a house or invest in property development in your area. You can see someone being interviewed and what their day looks like in general.

Aside from the interviews, you can also notice the creators posting about training on augmented reality, landscapes, short films, workouts, music vids, and even the cute cat ones.

Features to Know About

Vimeo is a professional-grade but easy-to-use platform. This can be right for your business in real estate to garner more views and audiences. But before deciding to go with this, you need to know about the features available. Like YouTube, you’re allowed to host and record videos, but you can get many others. Some features are the following:

  • Recording of music, videos, and adding texts
  • Mixing and adjusting the colors to your preferred settings and saturation levels
  • Collaboration tools and post-production to streamline the creating process with workflows, including time-coded notes, version histories, and replies from viewers in real-time
  • Privacy like viewer permission, password protection, and additional security of data
  • Customizable end screens, video players, and speed controls
  • Can edit the channels, URLs, thumbnails, and headers
  • Clickable buttons for the call to actions, video interaction cards, landing pages, URLs to a site like ScoopIt, viewer notes, and sending them to the website
  • Metrics for average viewing time, total play, live stats, and a video engagement graph that’s helpful.

It’s worth noting that the free versions are available for users who want to try it out. However, for serious content creators, there are advanced tools that they can use for a fee, like storage options, privacy features, and metrics. If you’re not into subscriptions, the free version will still be helpful.

Features to Know About

You may be on a tight budget today as you’re just starting your property development project. If so, then Vimeo is always ideal as a marketing platform, unlike YouTube and other alternatives. For one, there are no advertisements that you need to pay for before reaching your audience.

There’s the robust free forever plan that many users find affordable. This specific plan is letting you do the following:

  • Have an upload that is up to 500MB per week
  • Storage of up to 5GB
  • Download and upload converted video formats
  • Uploads can reach up to 10 vids per day
  • Allows the use of essential embedding and other features
  • View your video analytics for the month
  • Creation of a group and a single channel
  • Access into the limited privacy controls like “Only Me” settings
  • Publish the vids on e-commerce accounts and social media platforms

This is something that you’ll want to add to your property development marketing strategy if you’re going to attract more people. For example, some know that there are housing developments near them because of a video that they have watched on social media. Learn more about the effectiveness of vid ads here:

Others are searching for affordable housing instead of spending their money renting. This platform can be worth the cost if you’re frequently using video editing, so you’ll be able to grow your business.

How to Use this for your Real Estate Business?

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You can make your business use the powerful tool that is video marketing. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a local small-time developer or a million-dollar real estate magnate. Your company can share training and informative videos that your audience will love.

It’s worth noting that Vimeo is not only a hosting platform but a community as well. The viewers can create custom playlists and leave comments on their favorite films. You can post the uploaded content on your landing pages or Facebook profile, which can be entertaining. You can use films about the creative process or a behind-the-scenes peek on how developers start a skyscraper project, or it could be testimonials from satisfied clients. 

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