Re-Decorating For People Who Have No Style: Post-College Edition

Here are some indicators that you need to get off your ass and make your home a bit more accommodating to anyone that isn’t you or your cat:

  • You can see the mattress and or box spring on your bedDeathtoStock_Simplify8
  • The lighting is great…for a romantic dinner, but pretty much terrible during the rest of the day
  • Mismatched hand-me-downs which are on their last leg from all the moving, cat scratches, loose screws and general wear
  • Plain white walls that are merely accented by a glowing television
  • General messiness

Now, if you’re still in college, this is pretty much the norm. Once you clean yourself up, put the keystone light away and make a living, you’ll probably want to make your home a decent space instead of a bio-hazard spill.

If you have no style, and know nothing about interior decorating, then you’re in luck. Here is a handy guide for making your place come together:

Storage. Make sure your clutter isn’t loosely piled up around your house. Invest in something like the Kivik from Ikea, with some shelf inserts. It’ll cost you less than $100 and it’s a great modern touch to your home. Plus, like it’s predecessor, the expedit: this unit can store vinyl records.

Lighting. Get yourself some good lighting in your place, whether you open the blinds up or take a much needed visit the lighting store, create a space that can be bright if needed. If you love the cave, then spend the few extra dollars on a dimmer.

Furniture. Depending on your price point, buying used furniture might be your best bet if you’re new to the home decor game. Pieces can be replaced in the future, but having a table, a place to sit and other crucial items are necessary for the nest. Thrift store half-off days are another great way to pick up a few side tables or other goods at a very decent price.

Walls. Hanging stuff on your walls can bring personality into the room. It’s kind of like a bumper sticker for your home, only way less annoying than those Co-Exist stickers. Bare walls are boring, liven up your space with a concert poster, a collage of old photos, art, a flag or something else.


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