Roleplaying as a New Flow of Your Sex Life

If you know everything about bed habits and sex behavior of your partner – it doesn’t really matter that time has come to change a partner. Time has come to try something new. Nowadays roleplaying in bed has become a mutual part of a sex life and the society is no longer afraid of revealing these interests. Haven’t you tried? No? It’s time to try it out! At Jump4Love Dating Agency. You could’ve seen some of them already, but you will be surprised how great it works!

Mistress and slave. Sure, there was a moment when you wanted your girl to be dominatrix. You can use any stuff for that: masks, whips, chains, muzzles, handcuffs. Just listen closely to your imagination! But be careful – some of those can be really painful. You can also try candle wax – it heats your feelings as well!

Rapist and victim. Ever heard about Stockholm syndrome? It is time to objectify it. You can tie her when she doesn’t expect, put her on the floor and… well, do your thing. Use some dirty talk or be silent (even without a single moan), appreciate her crying, slap her easily – it’s a fantastic feeling. She can start with acting emotionally, then neutral, and in the end, she begs you not to stop! Because there’s nothing as sexy as a force.

School days. Yeah, we knew you’d recognize this one: many years ago, over the blackboard this juicy and smartass cutie would let the chalk fall, bend over to pick it up, pulling her tight skirt at the hips, – and you were no longer conscious. Or ask your girl if she was a good girl in school – act like a principal and she will be excited and frightened simultaneously. School years always walk along sex and many firsts – first love, first kiss, first cigarette and first sex, of course. This one never false.

Prostitute. Let her act dirty. Let her be indifferent. And no kisses! Man often dream of paying for sex – that makes their authority inevitable. And your girl surely thought of being naughty, look naughty and act naughty. An unbelievably short dress, provocative make-up, vulgar looks, and phrases – everything makes sense here. You can also ‘pick her up’ somewhere on the street and do it in the car. She will act like it’s her job and she doesn’t even care – it’ll make you scream!

Tarzan and Amazonian girl. Let’s face it – there is not enough wilderness in our life. Imagine that you are Tarzan – free, unhewn, lonesome and muscled! And she is a strong and half-naked Amazonian girl, absolutely wild and untouched. You both meet for animal sex with roars, bites, and scratches! For a better effect, you can try to do that in the forest or a river – a sight of nature is always an inspiration.

Changing roles. Have you ever tried imagining yourself a woman? There’s nothing ‘gay’ about that, we can assure you. Your girl often thinks about what it feels like to be a man. So why wouldn’t’ you try it out? You can use wigs, mustache, and stockings. Let her feel her own strength! Act cocky – she’ll love that. She can come home from a day of a hard work, sit down on a couch, you’d bring her beer and favorite snacks and then try to please her! You can level up your roleplay even more with the use of sex toys. Men are usually the dominant ones when in comes to relationship but with role change, you could switch it up and maybe use toys like Ltc cock cages. This change of atmosphere will surely spice up your relationship.

Like a movie. All you actually need is a camera. It will create an effect of someone else watching you. Also, in front of camera everyone behaves differently – more of an actor than a human. Your excitement will only develop if you create a scenario – everything is more interesting in front of a camera. Or use one of our scenarios – we don’t mind at all.

Doctor and a patient. This one is for those who hate hospitals, but love nurses and procedures. You can offer a massage, an injection of vitamins, tell her ‘don’t worry, it isn’t going to hurt’ and then make her scream! She can become a sexy nurse, both innocent and horny, who helps you to undress… oh well, you can imagine any of those. Totally worth it.

sexy nurse roleplay

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