The Rundown On Slot Machines


There are two fundamental things you must know about slot machines that will make you understand that they work like every other casino game:  

  1. In every round there's a random result (from dice being thrown, cards being dealt, or reels being spun).
  2. When you win, the payout is less than the odds of winning.

That being said, the casino has a built-in mathematical edge on the games.  The casino doesn't have to screw with the dice to beat players at craps, they don't have to screw with the cards to beat players at blackjack, and they don't have to screw with the machines to beat the players at slots.  The payline symbols are  chosen at random, and it's the math that ensures that you are indefinitely a long-term loser.


If you are the type of person that pulls the handle and is on the lookout for the algorithm that will solve the ultimate jackpot… your are wasting your time. Although it is normal that as humans we try to look for patterns.  We “sense” that the machines run in hot or cold cycles, that they pay better (or worse) at different times of day, or that other various things influence the results—but they don't.  We look for patterns because we're not comfortable with cold, hard, non-patterned randomness.  But whether you like it or not, random results is what you get. The clever little piece of software that determines this is called a Random Number Generator or RNG

That means, for example, that it doesn't matter how long it's been since a jackpot hit.  The odds are the same on every spin.  You've got the same chance of scoring a jackpot on a machine that just hit one, as a machine that last hit one three months ago.  A machine is never “due” to hit.  Every spin is random.  The random nature of slots also means that it's impossible to predict when the payouts will be good.  Any streaks you see are pure chance, nothing more.

That makes sense, because the whole foundation of casino gaming is randomness.  Every other game in the casino, from craps to roulette, works the same way.  The outcome is random, and the odds are simply tilted in the casino's favour.  There's no mystery about slots, just like there's no mystery about craps.  Why would there be?

Even if the casinos wanted the machines to operate otherwise, they don't have a choice.  Gaming regulations demand that the machines are completely random. From the Nevada Gaming Regulations it states


“[A gaming device] must use a random selection process to determine the game outcome of each play of a game…Each possible permutation or combination of game elements which produce winning or losing game outcomes must be available for random selection at the initiation of each play….The selection process must not produce detectable patterns of game elements or detectable dependency upon any previous game outcome, the amount wagered, or upon the style or method of play.”

Online Slots are just the same, they aren't affected by the presence (or absence) of a player's card, how long it's been since the last jackpot hit, or anything else.  Slots don't have periods where they pay out more to “make up” for earlier periods where they paid out less.  They're random, period.  Anyone who says otherwise is simply pulling B.S. out of thin air and declaring it to be fact, with no evidence to support their delusions. This goes hand in hand with any gambling site as well as including the online slots sites.


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