Sam’s Top 10 GIFs Volume III

Hello, and welcome to the third installment of Sam’s Top 10 GIFs.

If you haven’t already, go ahead and check out my last installment where I featured my favorite “Thanks Obama!” GIFs. Some of my personal favorite GIFs of all time, really.

Now, this isn’t your typical BuzzFeed or Funny Or Die GIF list. No, no, no. This is Sam’s Top 10 GIFs. I pride myself on having my ear to the ground in terms of what some of the best trending GIFs are.

If you’ve gotten this far in the series, you’ve probably realized that I’m just putting up whatever GIFs I like at this very moment… 

So, without further adieu, check out Volume III of Sam’s Top 10 GIFs:

10. Elmo on the Potty GIF


9. Que Cat GIF

Oldie but a goodie

8. Jack Tripper Aroused GIF

Jack Tripper arousal


7.  Bill’s Got Moves GIF

party hard

It’s the weekend

6. Deal With It GIF

kid deal with it dance

Deal with it. 

5. Underwear Dancer GIF


Best. Dancer. Ever. 

4. Dancing Mom GIF

Mom Moves

What the fuck is this actually? 

3. Ron Swanson Dancing GIF

I don’t even watch this show but I think this is hilarious 

2. I’m Retarded? GIF

Ugh, I know this will offend some people. I think it’s hilarious. Sorry I’m not sorry. 

1. Guy Staring Into the Camera GIF

This has been sweeping the interwebs and I absolutely love it

Welp, that concludes another installment of Sam’s Top 10 GIFs. I hope you enjoyed it. Stay tuned for next time!

Didn’t see your favorite GIF make the list? Tell Sam at the Modern Thrill Facebook page. 



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