Save Your Relationship with the Introduction of Sex Toys

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The oldest dildo is 28,000 years old, but it’s really in recent years that the usage of sex toys has shot right up. With the release of movies such as 50 Shades of Grey and a general openness to experimentation, owning a vibrator is hardly worth mentioning. We’ve all got one, hidden in the bedside drawer.

However, sex rates have simultaneously been facing a decline. Just a generation ago, more than half of high school students had experimented sexually. Today, most haven’t. People in their early 20s are two and a half times more likely to live a sexless life than their parents at the same age. It appears we have ditched human partners for dildos and butt plugs. And for those who are sexually active, bringing sex toys into your relationship can help it to go stronger for longer.

A Dildo a Day Keep the Hormones at Bay

Being horny can significantly affect your mood, which causes tension in relationships. Research suggests that sexually aroused people make worse decisions. That doesn’t just mean they jump into bed with the wrong person, but they are more likely to eat poorly or make unwise purchases. Bringing a sex toy into the bedroom enhances pleasure, increases the chance of an orgasm and therefore keeps hormones balanced. Once you start bringing the fleshlight to bed, you may find that arguments are less frequent and severe.

Sex Toys Improve Communication Between Couples

A sex toy is a conversation starter. Couples who have been together for a while may have found themselves in a routine, where little or no communication is needed. Once you throw something new into the mix, you will need to talk about where to put it and when. It takes a new level of cooperation that many couples begin to lack. Anal beads require teamwork, planning, communication, patience, and empathy towards the other person involved; all excellent qualities in a relationship. Once a toy starts to become mundane and predictable, find something new to get the conversation going again.

The choice no longer has to be between human intimacy and machine-manufactured orgasms. If you and your partner are in a period of stress, arguments, anger, or just boredom, then a sex toy is here to save the day. Couples spending quality time with their dildo will find themselves more happy and relaxed, and building crucial communication skills.

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