The 5 best Home Security Systems in the Market Today

Home security systems is the best way in which you can keep burglary and thieves away from your home. Failing to install a security system will only increase your chances of falling victim to burglars. Most people think that burglars only target well off families but that is not true. Studies show that burglars often break into homes which generate an annual revenue of $35,000 or homes which can’t afford to install a security system. Most Porch alarm systems which are in the market today look the same but most of them do not do perform their function well.


Frontpoint offers both home automation and home security for its clients. The company is confident in the services it offers its customers and they even offer a money back guarantee together with a 30-day free trial. The company also does not like sending sales representative at your door step just like you do not like going to meet them.

You can complete all the systems transactions online even activation of the system. Front point is a DIY system. The system is self-installed and you can go with it anywhere if you decide to move to another home. Apart from home transfer you can also transfer the system to another name when need be.

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When it comes to monitoring the security of your home ADT is the best company to choose. This company has been providing home security solution for more than 140 years. The company also serves more than 8 million people worldwide. ADT is a good security system since it includes wireless equipment and home automation.

These features make home security to be easy for renters and people who move before their contract has ended. ADT is among the most experienced security monitoring companies available in the market today. Even though the prices are high the company makes sure that it offers good services to their clients.

Protect America

Protect America can help you to get a security system for your home even if you are short on funds. The company does not request for upfront fees, activation or installation fees. The company also has various packages which you can choose from. All of the packages have a free lifetime warranty which is not a common feature in most security in the market. The minimum contract you can get with Protect America is 3 years.

The contract will renew automatically every month after it expires. If you want to cancel the package the company offers a fortnight period. The company dictates that you need to ship back the system before any of your requests are handled. Protect America offers some of the cheapest packages and it offers home security which is affordable for most people.

If you opt to go for DIY installation you will save on money which will help you with the high monthly fees. If you are on a tight budget but want to give your home the best home security protection protect America would be your ideal choice. Remember that if you want additional feature you will be require to pay more money.

Link Interactive

Link interactive is customisable and you can include any device which you want in your system. The company has packages which will suit all your needs. The cheapest package the company offers goes for $99.99. Link also has a 30-day money back guarantee and a one-year full warranty for its devices.

However, if you choose any of their package you might be bound with a 3-year agreement. Link also has a two way talk feature which allows you to communicate to your monitoring station in case of an emergency. The company uses cellular technology and it comes enabled with battery back-ups. The battery back-ups will help you not to worry about downtimes experienced when there is power shortage.

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Armorax has sensors in all its packages and it has a basic control panel. If you want to upgrade your security system you can choose the reputable brands which are available. You can have your security system depending with how big your home is and how broad you want your system to be.

Also, you can choose to pay for your package either on a monthly basis or annually. You can use the system on its own but if you want extra protection for your home you can choose to use its professional monitoring plan which costs $40.


In a world where the crime rate is increasing by the day you need to make sure that you protect your family and property in every way. The first step is by looking for a good home security system which is affordable, one that will offer protection for your family and caters for all your needs.

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