The Growth of Cut Resistant Gloves

The cut resistant insulating gloves market has grown and evolved over the past 15 years or so, as incidents of injuries to staff grew along side health and safety legislation being tightened up.  This in reality is a massively positive movement for both the people working in hazardous environments, but also the businesses themselves.

Many days and weeks of productive work time are lost through injury, so aside from the most important aspect of keeping people safe, there is also q business aspect that runs alongside this. Before the 1970’s workers used what was available on the market at the time and Leather & cotton products were as good as we tended to get. 

There was a movement towards cleverly knitted gloves which helped, but towards the 1980’s Dupont began to introduce Kevlar and the industry to save people from harm had begun and innovations grew significantly. There was a marked decrease with injury, cuts and abrasions within the workplace and companies like Glovesnstuff Cut Resistant materials and gloves moved in to become experts, supplying the very best workplace cut resistant work gloves across industry. 

Indeed, cut testing became the norm and standards helped push thing forward further. CPP was an American initiative which began to understand how razor blades reacted to safety gloves and protection continued to improve. Levels of protection are now graded and Gloves n Stuff supply level 5 cut resistant gloves each and every day across the UK and mainland Europe.

All in all, the work place has become a safer place and many peoples livelihood’s and business benefit from the improvements to cut resistant materials and advances to this day.

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