Things To Do When You Are Back Home For The Holidays


We all know that initial enthusiasm of going home. You haven’t had a full meal other than ramen noodles in months, your mental and physical have slowly but surely been deteriorating. We are anxiously waiting for the moment we can do early check-in and get ready to go home for the holidays and then… you realize sometimes home consists of laying in the couch all day and watching reruns of the Big Bang Theory over and over again. Sometimes we realize that the holidays now consist of going to the mall with your mom for the fifteenth time because she forgot the perfect gift for your third removed cousin in Nicaragua. Regardless of what ridiculousness you are facing this holiday season we have put together the perfect list of to-dos so you don’t have to suffer through another holiday season of being completely and totally unproductive.


Donate to charity

Yeah remember that high school closet you left behind four years ago? It is still waiting for you. TGoing through your old stuff you will quickly realize how far you have come in life and not only will it give you a good laugh it will also give you a great sense of accomplishment to be able to donate all your old stuff and clean out your closet all in one.


Wine Tasting

This can be done either the wrong way or my way (the best way). If you have a big family it is always fun for everyone to bring over a different bottle of wine and all throughout dinner or even as part of the dessert course you begin to serve up the win and share your different opinions and taste on each one of the wines. As the game precedes the opinions and comments should get hilarious and you will quickly learn that maybe you will get to know your family members better than ever.


Organize a party

Yes this involves putting together an evening of entertainment possibly food and refreshments but if you’re missing the party atmosphere, rev it up again by throwing your own. You don’t really need an excuse––too much leftover food is probably good enough a reason! Make it really fun by inviting old friends that you might not have kept in touch with throughout the years and maybe even making it a themed party.


Play games

There are likely to be board games in the family home or at your friend’s house. You can stick to the tried and true ones like Monopoly, Clue, or Snakes and Ladders. You can get more deeply involved in role playing or strategy games, like Agricola, Carcassonne, Puerto Rico or Settlers of Catan. Or you can go to the real deal and go online and indulge in a couple gambling games such as the ones on This can be useful if you can’t find the real board game at home––simply log in place the iPad down on a table you can all sit around and begin to play.

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