Thrillseekers Explore Skydiving

Every day many people get up, commute to work, go through the motions and clock out. Only to go home and zone out to their favorite TV shows and repeat the cycle over and over. For some people, the most exciting Facebook post they have made lately is what they ate for lunch. Has your life gotten, dare we say, a little bit boring? 

As you sit reading this, are you thinking you need a shot of awesome injected into your life? Something outside of the ordinary? Join the club. Hey, we are all in the same boat with work, school and family obligations.

Skydiving FAQs

That is what leads so many people to skydiving in the first place. It’s an extraordinary feat of human bravery and could be within your grasp. You may be a beginner, intermediate or advanced skydiver. It does not matter because jumps are available to all experience levels. 

Tandem Jumps

You could be taking your first jump sooner than you think. Tandem jumps instill confidence in people new to the sport. They are done in unison with a USPA certified instructor, who will literally be strapped to you the entire time, leaving you free to enjoy the amazing views.

When tandem skydiving, your only responsibility is to follow the rules laid out by your instructor, then kick back and enjoy the ride. If you have questions, the FAA suggests following certain safety protocols.

Drop Zones

So you have firmly decided you want to leap from a plane. Awesome sauce! But maybe your friends would rather hang back. That is just fine because they will have everything they need in the drop zone. If you don’t know where to land, the U.S. Parachuting Association publishes a drop zone locator.

The drop zone is just like it sounds. It is the area where you will land to re-join your friends when your jump is over. They can witness and photograph your descent while enjoying comfy seating, drinks and food. Food and beverage is usually available for purchase. 

Whether you’re skydiving over the beautiful North Carolina landscape or some other scenic area of the country, chances are, you and your friends may be consuming a few alcoholic beverages. If someone gets pulled over after drinking, as long as you know your rights after an arrest, there is no reason to halt the festivities.

Need to Know

Of course, behind every fun hobby is a group of geeks in suits who set the rules. And hey, life needs rules so we are okay with this, as long as these geeks don’t wear their wing tip shoes into the drop zone. Here are some rules and regulations.

 • Age restrictions. Be over 18 years old.

 • Weight. Tandem skydiving limit is 220 pounds of body weight. 

 • Weight. Skydiving has a limit of 240 pounds, generally speaking.

 • Health – Good general health which means no heart condition.

You’ll want to keep your personal items at the drop zone, including anything that could fly out of your pocket, i.e. cell phones, keys, et cetera. In addition, sunscreen, chapstick, long pants and solid shoes are always a good idea.