Tools That Every Foodie Needs

Do you consider yourself to be a bit of a foodie? If so, you’re probably always keen to expand your array of kitchen gadgets with more useful tools that will make a huge difference to your food preparation experience. Just when you thought you’d already invested in all the must-have gadgets, a new one always hits the market! While some may not be vital, others can make a huge difference to the way you cook and prepare food.

Here are just some of the key essentials tools that every self-respecting foodie should invest in before making any meal!

A Dough Scraper

Are you a keen baker? If so, you probably hate it when your dough gets stuck to your wooden spoon or won’t come out of a dish. Now, you can resolve that problem with a dough scraper. These useful utensils have a wooden handle and a stainless steel blade for quick pastry cutting and supremely speedy scraping of dough. You’ll be producing beautiful pies in no time!

A Mortar And Pestle

Mortars and pestles have been around for a while so you may already have one in your cabinets, however if you haven’t it’s definitely time to invest in one. Whether you’re mashing avocados or grinding spices, you’ll find this useful kitchen tool indispensable and versatile.

The Spiralizer

If you haven’t realized the benefits of making your own vegetable noodles yet where have you been for the last couple of years? You’ll be amazed by how delicious courgetti can be, and you can make it right in your own kitchen with a handy spiralizer device! Quick and simple to use, you can make light work out of preparing noodles from everything from carrots to sweet potatoes. It’s the low calorie, high fiber alternative to standard pasta.

The Multi Kitchen Tool

If you’re sick of rummaging through your kitchen drawers trying to find the right tool to get the job done, look no further than the 5 in 1 multi tool! You’ll be able to achieve everything from opening a can to getting the top off an awkward soda bottle and all in seconds. With just one device to do everything you can save space in your drawers and save time for yourself!

5 Bladed Shears

If you’ve always wanted to chop your herbs more quickly, a pair of five bladed shears will make light work of the task. Why stop with herbs? You can even cut carrots or scallions or French beans… well, in fact anything that fits between the blades. Your food will be prepared in half the usual time!

An Egg White Filter

If you hate separating eggs because no matter how hard you try you always seem to end up with some yolk in the whites, an egg white filter is the perfect kitchen tool for you. Super simple to use, this handy gadget will quickly and easily do the job on your behalf. It’s never been so easy to make meringue!

A Hand Mixer

If you don’t have a hand mixer in your kitchen you really need to get one right now! There is so much you can do with a hand mixer. From making cakes in minutes to whipping up a deliciously smooth mashed potato, a hand mixer will make the job a breeze. Whether you prefer baking sweet desserts or making savory treats this is a great tool for your kitchen.

A Food Thermometer

Have you ever accidentally given yourself food poisoning because your food wasn’t hot enough in the middle? A food thermometer will make sure that this never happens again. It’s also really useful for all kinds of other uses such as making toffee and caramel where the temperature has to be just right.

If you consider yourself to be a true connoisseur of kitchen delights, you definitely need to invest in some or all of these key kitchen gadgets. With these in your kitchen drawers and cabinets, you’ll be well equipped to handle anything that preparing your next meal can throw at you! In fact, you’ll be wondering just how you ever managed to get by before you had these cool gadgets in your possession!

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