Top 5 Casino Cities In US That You Definitely Must Visit

Do you love to go to the casinos? You are real determent casino player, but you don`t know which cities you should visit? Well, you are in luck. We will give you the list of top 5 casino cities in the whole US in which you will have a time of your life.


5.Reno, Nevada:  In the past, Reno was known as a railroad town. It was a connecting point between Salt Lake City and Sacramento. But a few decades later, Reno had become a capital of gambling in the whole US. During the fifties of the last century, Reno was a gambling Capital of the central US. Nowadays there are many casinos in the town from which you can choose. You will never be bored in Reno, that is for sure. Enjoy one of the oldest casino capitals in the whole US.


4.Palm Springs, California:  If you live in California area, then Palm Springs is the best choice for you. In Palm Springs features 7 casinos in its famous valley. You will definitely find one that is perfect for you. All of the casinos offer a club reward program which is always much appreciated. And also, you have amazing view to look at, spa services, great hotels, and a lot more. Perfect place for relaxing and playing casino games.

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3.New Orleans, Louisiana:  In the 19 the century, New Orleans was gambling center of central US. By being located on Mississippi river, it allowed easy access to the town from the central part of the US. Which gave the life to the whole casino business in the New Orleans area. Nowadays, you can definitely find many good casinos in the New Orleans area. The city is famous for its past and beautiful architecture, so you will be able to do much more than just playing games in casinos. Also, most famous casinos are casino gambling boats that used to be used for sightseeing the Mississippi river, nowadays they are floating casinos.


2.Atlantic City:  Probably the most famous casino city in the north-east in the US, Atlantic City is one of the best casino cities in the whole US. In the mid-20th century, Atlantic city had some big economic problems. But, in 1976 it all changed. The state has passed a referendum to legalize gambling in the city. That was the point when Atlantic City had become one of the most popular casino cities in the whole US. You can find 13-world class casinos, which is a big number to chose from, you will definitely find one that is perfect for you.


1.Las Vegas, Nevada:  And best for the last. This casino city does not need any special introduction, pretty much every person in the world has heard it. And that city is Las Vegas. „Meka“ of the casino world, Las Vegas has the biggest and best casinos in the whole US, probably in the whole world. You will be able to find all casino games that have been created. Choose the casino that is a perfect fit for you and enjoy your time in the town that is always awake. As the saying goes: „What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

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