VST Piano Music for Beginners

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Today, many professional and amateur musicians choose the piano as a means through which to express their musical gifts. Many correlate this instrument with large concert halls and classical music. But the piano is much more than that. You can find out more about the history of this instrument on this link.

The diversity that the piano provides can be used in a variety of genres. The advanced technologies of today have enabled this instrument to get its digital version. With many innovations, these modern instruments offer a multitude of options to performers.

One of these new possibilities is the use of various plugins. These apps provide a host of features. You can access the extensive database of sounds from other instruments, too. All these have the purpose of adding versatility and improving your music. They are easy to use, and both amateurs and professional musicians rely on this software in order to make their music better.

Get the Right Equipment before Start


Digital (or electric) pianos are much easier to use than traditional instruments. These modern keyboards have been used for almost decades as a learning tool for novices. These digital versions are continually being improved as required by the market. 

Modern keyboards got different tones of the real piano, which can be useful when learning to play on this instrument. Also, manufacturers added the sounds of other instruments. This feature is helpful when making music.

But not all of these digital instruments are suitable for using the software. To do this, you need a device with a USB or MIDI port. Only that way, you can connect the piano to the computer or laptop, and provide the secure transfer of your music.

Speaking of the computer, it should meet specific requirements for working with VST plugins and accompanying software. The machine should have a lot of RAM and a fast processor (most new computers meet this rule). To fully enjoy the sound, your PC should have a quality sound card installed.

Playing Piano without Having It

The piano is known to be one of the most expensive instruments in existence. Digital versions are a bit cheaper but still need a considerable budget. If you have a love for this instrument, but can’t afford it, you should take advantage of all the benefits of modern technologies, in the form of VST plugins.

Through these programs, you can learn to play your favorite instrument using a regular MIDI keyboard. Try to get one that has the same number of keys as a real piano. That way, if you ever have the opportunity to sit down for the right instrument, you will know how to apply your knowledge in practice.

Tips on choosing MIDI controller see below:


The role of the VST plugin is to ‘imitate’ the piano. These tones will be realistic; you’ll feel like performing in a concert hall in front of the audience. Some of the better plugins are used not only by beginners but also by professional singers and producers.

VST Plugin Types


There are two basic types of VST programs. This division is made based on the way the piano sound is transmitted to them. In sampled plugins, the tones are recorded from real instruments. Here, you can see how these sounds are made. But you need a big hard drive for this software. Recorded files are large, unlike modeled ones, which are load fast. Also, you often need additional apps. 

In modeling software, tones are coded, i.e., obtained by computer. That’s why this sound isn’t the real one. It’s still impossible to get real sound without actually recording this instrument. But this plugin can help you learn to play the piano. If the quantity is more important to you than quality, the modeled VST plugin will do. This software is usually cheaper than a sampled one.

Practice, and Practice, and Practice


You can develop and improve your musical talent for the rest of your life. Technology slowly but surely sneaked into the music industry. Software like piano plugins is a great thing if you want to learn something new but also for improvement of your musical work and performance. 

VST plugins of today offer many features. For example, the option to change the sound of your keyboard to any other instrument will give you a feel for different tones. But these apps are so easy to use, that even kids can learn how to play the piano with it.

Music today is unthinkable without technology and the Internet. Like most people today, online sources are likely to be your first source of information. Specialized forums and discussions are places where you can learn many new and useful things.

Don’t be lazy; visit a local music school or music store. Ask real people about experiences with piano plugins. They can suggest some suitable software, or give you useful advice on how to progress as quickly as possible if you are learning to play the piano.

How to set for online music lessons, check on the following page:


Music has become an integral part of human life. You listen to it at home, in the car, at festivals and parties. You sing while taking a shower, by the campfire, at choir rehearsals. And if you have talent, you can create it. Whether you’re writing songs, composing, or playing an instrument – the artistic possibilities of music are endless.

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