What To Do When You Have A Really Big Penis

Life with a big unit is pretty sweet. They say it is not the size that counts but how you use it. This is true, but it is better to have a big dick and also know how to use it.

The thing is, having a big penis is not without its challenges. Not that life is difficult when you have a big one, but there are going to be some issues. Think about it like trying to put a square peg in a round hole. 

Laws of physics play a bigger part in your life when you are packing a big one.

Let’s go over some ways to approach sex when your penis is big.

Become a pornstar

Ok, you have about nine or ten inches. That is pretty impressive. But, what if it was bigger. 

Guys with big dicks are a dime a dozen in pornos. To make a name for yourself, you may need to use some products for larger gentlemen. The penis pumps on that site are meant for guys that are already pretty large.

If you can add some length and girth then you can stand out from the crowd of other actors. 

You can also make your own porn instead of trying out for a company. Just make sure you have all the legalities sorted out beforehand if you’re going to have other models with you.

Learn to gape your partner

Sex with a big penis is uncomfortable to most people. To make it more enjoyable, you need to do some prep work. 

Besides the obvious liberal use of lube, you also need to make their holes bigger over time. This is called gaping.

Use some sex toys that will start to stretch her vagina or anus to allow you some wiggle room to enter with your large penis.

It will take some time so the idea is to be methodical and patient for this to work out. Start by inserting dildos into her vagina or anus that is slightly wider than either. Use if until it is comfortable. Then increase the girth. With each successive dildo being slightly wider than the last.

You’ll want to continue doing this until her vagina is much wider than your penis. Then it will be much more comfortable for her to take it all in. One thing that can’t be stretched is how far it goes in, so you may not be able to make use of the entire shaft. With that said, sex will be way more pleasurable for both of you with her vagina or ass gaped to accept your girth.

Get good at foreplay

While you are taking your time to gape her so sex is not painful, you’ll need to step up your foreplay game.

The gaping itself will be part of it since it does take time. Try to use this practice as part of the sex act itself so it isn’t so clinical. Take the time to give her cunnilingus before you use the dildo. 

Be as romantic as possible before sex to make sure she gets very wet and opens up a bit more.

Using lube is great and all, but when a woman is sexually excited enough, her vagina also widens up so it can take you more easily.

Come up with some fun and sexy games to prolong the time before penetration to enhance the whole experience.

Play penis games

If sex is painful for your partner, it can take all the fun out of sex. You can make it more fun by trying to do as much as possible without any penetration.

Your partner probably loves your big dick and wants to play with it but doesn’t look forward to actual sex.

Use this to your advantage by coming up with some things she can do with your penis. 

Playing with temperature can be fun. Nothing too hot, however, for obvious reasons, but cooling it down with ice cubes can feel really good. Ask her to rub an ice cube over the shaft until the ice melts.

Also, menthol mints can be used. Ask her to give you a blow job while she has a strong mint in her mouth for some seriously intense pleasure.

Cum play can also be fun to make sure that you orgasm even if you don’t end up having sex. You can ask her to jerk you off and then see how far you can shoot your load, for instance.

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