What to do when you’re stuck at home on a weekend

We’ve all been there. You just had a long week of working and spent enough hours in the office that you may or may not be hating yourself. You have been looking forward to the weekend for a long time now, wanting to spend it with your girl. But she had t go somewhere out of town, an unplanned visit to her parents, so she can’t come. So you decided to call the boys and hey said they’re busy. Bob’s boss asked him to work the weekend, Larry is spending it with his GF out of town while Rick is in a bit of a pickle and cannot attend. So you discover that it is just you, bu yourself, and this huge apartment that seems bigger the more you think about how alone you are in it. What does a man in a situation like this do? Well, we have some suggestions that you might find more enthusing than sitting on the couch, half depressed, half scratching the bald spot in your head out of boredom. 

Go online and play some games

I mean, we live in the modern world, who even needs real life friends anyway? You can get online, boot up some nice games and get to play them. IF you are somewhat of a thrill seeker and a casino love, you could always find a game or two that you might enjoy on https://play.casino/ since they have huge lists of games anyway. What is a couple of bucks wasted in the face of boredom? Exactly, nothing, a worthy sacrifice. And if you are not much for gambling, there is always the option of booting up a game of CoD and going to town on those random strangers, or maybe getting your butt handed to you. It doesn’t matter. It is Saturday and you don’t have to get out of your sweats today. Go relax by shooting a couple of people (online). 

Grab a beer (or ten) and watch a movie (or five)

I mean, it is Saturday, right? What do people do on Saturdays? Drink, that is what. And while your friends might be stuck being boring, you are not going to let the spirit of being an old person get in the way of your fun on the day. So go out, get your favourite brewski (or your favourite bottle of red wine you upper-class snob) and get ready to spend the day with a cold beer and a whole lot of film. You have somewhere between 12-16 hours before you fall asleep. Time to pick out a succession of films to watch. All of the Die Hard movies? Yes. The Lord of the Rings, Director’s Cut marathon? Who has ever said no to that? All of the Harry Potter movies? Why is that even a question? 

Just make sure you have enough inebriant of your choice and make sure you got junk food (highly recommended you order in some buffalo wings, hoagies and a load of fries). Then your day will be just like you always thought the perfect day could be: drunk, fed and educated by some high-class film entertainment. 

Go out and meet new people

I mean, if you are one of those mythological extroverts, you gotta get your fix. So put on your leather jacket, some nice jeans and those boots that are kind of nice but at the same time, you don’t mind getting dirty. Go to that bar that is at the end of your block, or across the street, that you heard about a few months ago and sounded pretty interesting. You might meet some new cool people. While you’re at it, picture yourself in some kind of movie and bam! Main character adventure time. Go into the bar and look around like you’re Clint Eastwood. Order a pint and go find an empty spot to brood at for a few minutes. Or if sitting and brooding is not your thing, go look about and find some interesting characters. If the old man in the back looks angry, old and like he has some boring war stories to tell, go over and hear him out. Is there someone offering to do shots with you? Well, guess what, it is party time and you better get your best party face on. 

In the end, all that matters is that you imbibe some nice social lubrication and coast through the weekend crowds, maybe tripping on some adventure, or maybe finding some new people to call next week when your friends end up being boring again. Who needs old friends when you can get dozens of new ones anyway? Just make sure to grab some bar food at the end of the night, and don’t end up costing yourself a fortune (or do, up to you). Also, make sure you know how to get back home and drink responsibly. 

Go to sleep

This might be the best option. It’s the weekend. You have had a tough week, month, year, hell life. It is time life gave back what it took from you. And most of what life has taken from you (other than money) is sleep. So go to that bed of yours that you got out of so bravely and just plant yourself in between the pillows. There is no responsibility to get in your way, nobody to wake you up. It might be the only time you’ll get to sleep like this again. 

Although, when you ake up in a few hours and find out you wasted a whole weekend, don’t blame me for being lazy. It is who you are. Accept it, embrace it and love it. You can spend the rest of the 3 to 4 hours left in the day doing just that, as well as cooking yourself some dinner. And hey, with a couple of hours left in the day, you might just get to do any of the other three things we talked about.

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