The World’s Most Luxurious Poker Sets


There is no end to the diverse range of compact and good quality poker sets you can purchase, whether you happen to be a professional player or simply enjoy the occasional neighborly home game. Only a select few of these sets, however, are special enough to inspire pre-game conversation and capture the spirit of a good old-fashioned poker night; a rare thing in the age of online poker. Whilst you’ll only ever dream of owning some of these sets, others could realistically be a part of your next home game…

Meteorite Set

The Swedish artist Kristian Ståhl is known for his extravagant designs which typically incorporate elements of nature into decorative displays. His most famous work is undoubtedly the one-of-a-kind meteorite poker set. The glittering chips are carved from 800,000 year old meteorites found in Northern Sweden and covered in 18-karat gold. As if this wasn’t opulent enough – the 120 chips are also decorated with precious stones such as rubies, sapphires and diamonds. Such astronomically incredible chips deserve a similarly luxurious container, which is why they’re stored in a reindeer calf skin and polished leather case. Of course, as the world’s second most expensive poker set, these chips are too precious to use for an actual game – but if you’re a fan of showing off, and have a spare  $150,000 lying around, then this will make for a great talking piece.
1stGlobe Set

A one-in-two decor piece for your man cave; this rustic traveller’s globe doubles up as a sophisticated poker set. The lower shelf provides ample space for storing your liqueurs too – making it the perfect accompaniment for a traditional gentlemen’s poker night. In the spirit of wanderlust, fine craftsmanship and Sherlock Holmes, you can make this part of your home interior for under $500.

2ndGeoffrey Parker White Gold Set

This set is worth more than you’ll probably ever even wager on a game – $7.3 million. Geoffrey Parker is famed for making custom luxury items, typically within the board games niche. These poker chips are his most lavish design yet, with platinum-plated cards and 280 18-karat gold chips covered with rubies, emeralds, diamonds and sapphires. The equally flamboyant case is made from real alligator skin with a gold combination lock. Nothing will intimidate opponents better than bringing out the world’s most expensive poker set.

3rdRalph Lauren Sutton Set

Maybe you’re looking for something less flashy? If you’re a no-nonsense guy who plays poker on the go, you won’t find a more refined and stylish poker set than this crisp design by Ralph Lauren. The box is made from walnut wood, with leather covering the inside. When closed, the set is reminiscent of a miniature chest. The sturdy chips are of powder-coated polished nickel and are accompanied by a signature ‘Ralph Lauren’ dealer button which will leave your guests in no doubt as to the quality of your set.

4thRenzo Romagnoli Set

Your all-in set for a great night of poker; this unique Renzo Romagnoli case boasts an alternative storage style, and is guaranteed to stir conversation. The case comes in white, black and shades of brown crocodile print. The leather handle and inner straps allows for easy portability, whilst the mixed set of chips encased within the four drawers makes the set perfect for Texas Hold’Em. Some people would rather play the classic card game online rather than have to carry this hefty set around with them, but nothing compares to the feeling of newly-won chips in your hand – especially not when they’re of this quality.

5thCartier Poker Set

The flamboyant Cartier poker set is for the dapper gentleman who isn’t afraid to show off. As decorative as it is practical, the 350 chips and and 5 dice are encased by bold blacks and red stripes. This elaborate set has the aura of a magician’s box, and its colorful chips will make you the host to the most showy poker night your guests will have ever experienced.

6thFrom meteorites to globes to crocodile skin – the creativity in these poker sets match that of the game itself. You don’t necessarily have to splash out on a set as decadent as the above – but investing in a decent set can go a long way in establishing your player style and asserting authority at the card table.

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