Funny Thanksgiving Videos


It’s Thanksgiving Day and we have some of the funniest videos pertaining to Turkey Day! Here are some of my favorite funny Thanksgiving videos.

It’s Thanksgiving

Produced by the same stellar production team that created the smash hit Friday by Rebecca Black, It’s Thanksgiving is an autumnal anthem. Complete with CGI fireworks, mash potatoes, and Turkey! Star Nicole Westbrook shows off her singing chops as well as her mad rapping skills. She even sings into a turkey drumstick like it’s a microphone. I know that we, we, we are going to have a good time!

Jimmy Fallon Thanksgiving Pros & Cons

Jimmy Fallon continues his pros and cons segment by taking on Thanksgiving. It’s a pretty funny way to look at spending time with your family over the holidays. Looks like Fallon is keen on taking his rightful position as the host of The Tonight Show after Jay Leno steps down.

Gary Oldman’s Thanksgiving Message

Jimmy Kimmel is slowly becoming my favorite late night host, his bit with Sarah Silverman a couple weeks ago was endearing and genuinely funny. In this clip brit Gary Oldman addresses the fact that Thanksgiving is basically just a celebration that we ditched the U.K. on Mayflower. He calls the pilgrims “The whiniest milk socks in history.”

Ben Franklin: How to Bake a Turkey in Nine Steps

Chicago sketch group Octavarius recently created, I Made America which prides itself on making hilarious sketches starring revolutionary war veterans. In this video Benjamin Franklin explains how to roast a Thanksgiving turkey, the video is actually very informative and funny. Keep your eyes out for this sketch group, they will be making waves in the New Year.

Friendsgiving Gone Wrong


Friendsgiving Gone Wrong – watch more funny videos

A group of friends meet up to avoid the drama of a family Thanksgiving. Hilarity ensues.

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