Human Medications That Can Be Safely Given to Pets

Some people think that over the counter medications or OTCs are safe for humans and pets. That’s only partially true because some OTC pills for humans can actually be toxic to pets. For example, paracetamol is a perfectly safe drug for humans that are often given to young kids. However, if given to a cat, even a small dose of 250mg can potentially kill. In this post, we aim to highlight the few drugs that can be given to pets.

It’s Important to Tread Carefully

Even though most of these drugs are safe there is something that needs to be said about dosage. Sometimes overdosing on a generally safe drug can usher in a long list of nasty side effects. You should also keep in mind that some drugs don’t mix well with others. This means if your pet is currently on a medication, it’s always recommended to consult a veterinarian before starting a new medicine. To sidestep the dangers of subjecting your to pet to a toxic medicine cocktail as well as accidental overdosing always seek consultation from a qualified veterinarian. It’s also important to realize that there is a reason why pet medications are different from human meds. They are specially formulated with safe ingredients. For almost every ‘safe’ human drugs, there are pet drugs that are more suitable for specific animal types. This means buying vet-recommended pet meds online and from stores is always better than to pick up a cheaper human drug that has the same generic composition.

Famotidine: Famotidine is the generic name for Pepcid and other similar drugs. This drug is often recommended by vets to deal with stomach ulceration. While famotidine is generally safe it’s important to find out the recommended dosage for your dog or cat.

Cetirizine: Vets sometimes recommend pet parents to administer cetirizine pills to treat allergy attacks in pets. Apart from dogs who are sensitive to antihistamine medications, cetirizine can be given without fear.

Hydrogen Peroxide: Did your dog eat something it shouldn’t have, like chocolate? Then as an emergency solution vets often recommend hydrogen peroxide. The drug helps induce vomiting, thereby expelling the toxic substance out of the dog’s body.

Saline Solution: When treating conjunctivitis or dryness of eyes, saline drops meant for humans can provide relief to pets. Because it’s just salt and water, vets often prescribe human eye drops for dogs and cats.

Diphenhydramine: This is the generic name for the popular human medication brand Benadryl. When given the right dose, diphenhydramine can treat allergy attacks and work as a mild sedative. Thanks to its calming properties, vets often recommend pet parents to administer a dose before traveling or any anxiety-inducing event.

Dimenhydrinate: The active ingredient in the popular human med Dramamine, this can be given to pets experiencing nausea or motion sickness. This is the medication to have around during a road trip with your pet.  Dimenhydrinate is available over the counter and can be given to both dogs and cats. The maximum recommended dosage is 8 mg per kg of body weight separated by a gap of 8 hours.


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