Tips for Online Dating: The Difference Between Hooking Up and and Dating

Over 40 million Americans use online dating apps and sites to make connections. It’s no longer a matter of if someone is going to give it a try—now it’s more of a matter of when. The chances of finding love are easier than ever, but you have to make sure you’re looking for the right thing. So, to date or hookup? That is the question.

Once upon a time, dating was an exclusive process between two people. Now dating often means going out on a date with several different people at any given time without the concept of exclusivity. Modern dating works for people who don’t want a commitment but prefer casual, one-time encounters. Known as hooking up, it’s a casual sexual encounter between strangers or Mayfair escorts that involves a meeting, some flirting, and a sexual encounter with the mutual agreement that there is no pressure to see each other again.

When it comes to dating, it’s more than just pheromones attraction and good looks. You spend time with a person of interest over a series of dates getting to know them. Dating traditionally starts with an emotional relationship before advancing to a sexual relationship. Everyone has their own definition of what dating is and isn’t. What matters is that if you are seeking a relationship, you know your worth and what you want from a partner, and you know how to give back to a significant other.


You may think you know whether you’re looking to date or hookup when you enter the online dating world, but with so many different ways of expressing interest during modern encounters, sticking to a category can be hard. No matter your motivation for exploring online dating apps, make sure you attract the right attention and reflect on what you want out of your love life. Here are a few tips to help you navigate online dating, regardless of your end goal.

Say It Right

Your dating profile biography should do you justice. Meaning, paint an accurate picture about yourself: who you are, why you are online, hobbies, interests, and other small-talk info. Write a clear bio that makes it obvious what you are looking for.

Photos Are Forever

Your profile photos should align with your bio. Choose photos that are clear, honest, and show your best self. Never use out-dated photos from years past. Old photos do not accurately show your age, figure, or style as they currently are. For example, if you are looking for a relationship, avoid posting drunken girls’ night photos. Your images and bio are the first impression someone will have of you.

Find The Right Fit

There is a dating site for almost everyone, but you have to take the time to find the best site that caters to your needs and wants. Free dating sites exist, but they aren’t right for everyone. Always review the terms of service and privacy policy to ensure that you are comfortable messaging on them. Some dating websites review every profile before accepting users to ensure everyone is online for the right reasons, helping to prevent fraudulent or inappropriate activity.

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Practice Good Communication

In the early days of getting to know someone in a dating situation, read the signals and keep balanced communication—meaning that you should only call or text as frequently as the other person. Refrain from stalking someone on social media; if they want you to know things about them, they will share it. Yes, verify that the person you are meeting is real, but don’t play detective and pry.

You may decide to give an online adult dating site a shot, but never feel like you can’t change. Just because you think you know what you want at the moment, that doesn’t mean your eyes can’t be opened to something new.

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