3 Tips to Avoid Getting into an Accident with a Motorcycle Rider

As the warmer months come in, protecting motorcycle riders becomes essential. Many drivers become complacent over the winter and tend to forget about motorcycle riders because they are no longer out in abundance. Being proactive and working to protect against motorcycle accidents saves lives. Knowing the tips to follow will help drivers to protect motorcyclists so accidents occur less frequently.

Dangers of Motorcycle Accidents

There are many dangers on the open road. Because motorcycle riders have minimal protection, the injuries from accidents can sometimes be devastating. Often, the injuries are so severe, victims need to hire a lawyer. You can discover details from The Millar Law Firm.

One of the biggest dangers to motorcycle riders are drivers making left-hand turns. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 42% of all motorcycle accidents occur because of drivers making left-hand turns.

In addition to this danger, riders sometimes become injured because of wet grass clippings and other debris on the roads. When a motorcycle encounters wet grass clippings, the bike can slide out of control, leading to serious and even life-threatening injuries.

Drivers of other vehicles must do everything they can to watch for motorcycle riders. A momentary lapse in judgment can be devastating, leading to serious motorcycle accidents. Always stay vigilant and at attention when behind the wheel. Never allow distractions to make you an unsafe driver.

3 Tips for Avoiding Motorcycle Accidents

For the motorcycle rider, there are certain safety precautions that must be taken. Wearing a helmet and observing safe speeds helps to prevent serious accidents that leave behind devastation. The following tips should be followed so motorcycle accidents are avoided.

  1. Look Twice! It cannot be said enough that looking twice saves lives. Skilled motorcyclists work to stay out of drivers’ blind spots, but this is not always possible. Always look twice before making any turn, especially a left-hand one.
  2. Increase your following distance when behind any motorcycle. Giving them more space ensures stopping problems do not occur. If you stay back, avoiding motorcycle accidents will be easier.
  3. Allow them to swerve. Many drivers wonder why motorcyclists swerve back and forth in their lane, but it turns out there is a good reason. If you hit a pothole, you simply get a jolt. If a motorcycle hits one, a serious accident often results. Giving them plenty of space to swerve protects a motorcyclist’s life.

Be Proactive to Save Lives

Being proactive is essential for protecting lives and preventing motorcycle accidents. If both motorcycle riders and other drivers work together, lives will be saved.

Watch out for motorcyclists and always look twice to ensure they are not in your blind spot. Slowing down and taking a few extra seconds can mean the difference between life and death.


During the warmth of spring and summer, motorcyclists take to the open road more than any other time of the year. Looking twice before you make turns will have a huge impact on motorcycle accident reduction.

Left turns are especially dangerous for motorcycle riders. Saving lives begins with responsible drivers and motorcycle riders. As you go about your day-to-day drives, make sure you are doing everything possible to protect motorcycle riders so accidents can be avoided.

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