A Guide to Timing Your Holidays Like a Boss

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Planning for the holidays can be a stressful time of year for most families, especially because there’s so much to think about and do before the festivities get underway. From putting up lights and shopping for loved ones to planning holiday activities, there’s always so much to do to prepare for the holidays.

Of course, you want this time of year to be special for everyone you celebrate with, which is why planning ahead is essential. Here’s a guide to timing your holidays like a boss, so you can charge full speed ahead into the coming months feeling confident and prepared.

Start Planning Your Holiday Theme – Right Away

If you don’t want to celebrate the same way you did last year, now is the time to start planning your holiday theme. Start brainstorming and planning what kind of colors and decorations you want to be part of the festivities. To get started, make a plan by writing down important dates in your planner for when you should start each step of your holiday preparation journey, from picking out decorations to planning the holiday dinner. By jotting down these key essentials, you can stay organized and on top of things much more easily.

When to Put Up Lights and Decorations – After Thanksgiving

Before you decorate, give your house a good, thorough cleaning, so that it truly sparkles and shines once you’ve hung the decorations. Most people choose to start decorating soon after Thanksgiving; after all, it leaves you plenty of time to get your lights and decorations just right. Additionally, starting preparations around this time of the year will allow you — should the need arise, anyway — to make any necessary changes before the holidays. So, start planning what you’ll need for the holiday season well beforehand in order to breathe a bit easier when it’s time to start prepping.

Sending Holiday Cards – Five to Six Weeks Before the Holidays

Sending out your holiday cards is usually done at least five weeks before Christmas arrives. That means you’ll have to take your annual holiday photos a few weeks prior so that they’re ready and available when you’re ready to send out the holiday cards.

Start Shopping for Holiday Gifts – Six to Seven Weeks Out

Due to COVID-19, retailers aren’t operating at the same levels as they were just last year. Instead, the number of new products available in the U.S. market was 43 percent lower than in 2019. That means it’s probably best to start shopping for the holidays as soon as possible. And, because of the ongoing pandemic, you’ll likely need to buy all your gifts online, as many retail stores have closed temporarily. Aim to get your gifts at least six to seven weeks in advance to be on the safe side.

Sticking to Your Timeline

Now that you have a solid timeline for how soon to start your holiday festivities, you can start this year’s preparations without too much stress and worry. The sooner you begin planning, the fewer headaches you’ll have when the holiday season rolls around. Start planning as soon as possible so you have ample time to receive your decorations, gifts, and holiday decor. You’ll be glad you did because you can bet you’re not the only one ordering what you need for the holidays online.

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