Alternating air pressure mattress for back pain relief

Many people have experienced a lot of back pains due to many reasons which can be explained. You may have spent the whole day sitting in your cubicle and typing on your computer. You may also be spending the entire day at the construction site carrying concrete on your back. Also, you might be a supervisor at the office which requires you to move around a lot to ensure that everyone is working. Whatever the task is all the workers might end up having a bad back and if nothing is done to relieve the pressure experienced, it could lead to a lot of discomforts and in the long run, it may lead to some permanent damage. That’s when you need to figure out how to get an alternating air pressure mattress.

Causes of back pain

There is no specific cause of back pain since many factors contribute it. However, it is safe to say that most of the people who suffer from this condition have been associated with bad blood circulation. Proper blood circulation ensures that the joints and muscles are able to work properly.

Other factors as mentioned earlier include prolonged periods of inactivity or unhealthy sitting and sleeping positions probably like the one am sitting with, unhealthy diet and sometimes genetic disorders, all of which contribute to poor blood circulation. Blood is essential in the body simply because if specific body parts are not receiving sufficient blood supply, those parts begin to experience some difficulties or strain which manifests in symptoms such as pain, numb sensation, and skin discoloration.

Most of the people who experience regular pains, is as a result of their lifestyle or even work which most of the time requires them to sit for up to 8 hours in the same position. This will result in some level of discomfort. Why? Prolonged sitting causes circulation of blood to the lower spine and legs to reduce. So how do you confirm if this is the case? When you cross your legs or pinning your legs or foot under the chair for long. If you feel some tingling or thick sensation in the limb, this probably is an indication that the blood is not flowing to all the places that it is supposed to. Therefore, continuous immobility or sitting in that position will result to back comfort.

When it comes to sleeping positions, one tends to wake up so tired due to poor blood circulation. You can get an alternating air pressure mattress for more comfort and relieve back pains.

How to reduce the back pain with an alternating air pressure mattress

Get out of that chair! It important to regularly stretch and take a short walk. This ensures that blood can flow and reach all the places that blood was lacking. If you are unable to take that walk, ensure that your body is getting proper circulation through the use of a good cushion while sitting. After a long day, using an alternating air pressure mattress will do the trick to ensure that your body can get the right blood circulation at the same time getting a good night sleep. It ensures that the body is not prone to risk ulcers and making sure that the lower spine is receiving blood to make toy even more comfortable.


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